dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Both indexes have been updated, followers and readers!

Another update on each - encore une mise à jour sur chaque index.

mercredi 8 septembre 2010

A good quote (from pakalert)

My favorite propaganda trend in the mainstream media today is one directed at researchers like myself who expose the darker side of our economic and political environment. The term “Apocalypse Porn”, or “Doomer Porn”, is rising as the preferred Ad hominem attack on Liberty Movement writers, in place of “conspiracy theorist” which doesn’t seem to be working for them anymore. The MSM apparently spends more time trying to develop ‘memes’ like this than they do actually researching the so called news they propagate. The insinuation is that we either embellish data to make it seem more frightening than it actually is, or, that by reporting on valid but terrible news, we are a “danger” to society, because we perpetuate fear. Basically, it is the beginnings of an argument for suppression of 1st Amendment rights.

The reason the information we report on is disturbing is not because it is “bad”, but because it is TRUE. There are children who could make the distinction, but some full grown men and women seem to have difficulty with the concept. When the establishment says that we as researchers and alternative media do not have a right to spread facts that might upset you, what they are also saying is that you as an American cannot be trusted to act responsibly and constructively with the facts you are given. They are saying that they need to protect you from yourself. Who ever gave them permission to take on that job?

The Doomer Porn argument rings hollow because what I state here in these articles is entirely subject to your verification. If I embellish, or lie, I will be caught, and thus, my writing becomes meaningless. If I tell the truth, the hard truth, it is not up to me or the MSM or anyone else accept yourself to decide what you will do with it.

That guy* was talking about bad economics. I am talking - here - about bad science. Either way, listen carefully to what they say, when and if they warn you not to read me.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
8/IX/2010, Nativity of
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Bibl. Mouffetard, Paris V

*Source: Pakalert: Dangerous Economic Misconceptions

lundi 6 septembre 2010

Am I foolish to say "Evolution of widely differring (mammal) species from each other is proven wrong"?

I have basically said so on the blogpost Karyogrammata. Is that foolish? Should I not have shut up and waited till some real scientists tell me so?

Well, I think I would be stupid or even foolish to wait till "real scientists" tell me they are no longer evolutionist. Why?

Because they do not want to lose their jobs.

I was asking today in the automatic laundry for coins for washing. "Get a job" I was told. Some people seem to think having a paycheck makes you an honest man. That is not always so.

Thank you, O'Keefe, for reminding me!