mardi 18 janvier 2011

Martin Amis is bad even as evolutionists go.

Here is what he says.

Now, if evolution of society, more precisely medicine, has posed a "problem" like men living "too long", obviously evolution of diseases - resistent bacteria and global pandemies - might be more than he wishes for to deal with the "problem". And dealing with it in other ways - his ways: euthanasia, abortion, contraception, gay liberal agenda - will not help avoiding that klind of thing.

I wonder if people reasoned like that before the Flood of Noah*. After it, God shortened the lifespan of man, and to judge from when Set got his son, and so forth up to Noah, God also hurried puberty. Medicine will not enable us to live as long as Methusalem, and so neither saying puberty comes too soon or saying death comes too late will do any kind of "good" to society. Any kind that is, that God could agree with. It seems what God did was a grim poetic irony on what people weresaying before the Flood. And what Martin Amis seems set on repeating.

OK: the rainbow means there will not be another flood. But provocations like that to the author life ... well, reread Apocalypse* or some prophecy about the Great Chastisement, will you!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibl. Buffon, Paris V

*I fear when these kind of naturalists read some supranatural disaster stories, it is more like Babylonic mis-representation of why flood happened (these idolaters thought one of their gods could not stand the hubbub of men, and caused disaster by going mad: God preserve us from idolaters acting like those gods!)