Can we get this straight? I never said I was atheist up to becoming Catholic

I was in fact High Church Lutheran and Creationist just before deciding to convert.

But I had been an Evolutionist and a Heliocentric before becoming a more or less Evangelical Christian (at near age nine) and after that it took me a year to give up trying to harmonise Evolutionist "knowledge" and expertise with Bible.

After that I became Lutheran at fourteen (without giving up Creationism or Biblical inerrancy) and I decided to become Catholic (and even for a while compromised with Evolution, admiring Teilhard for being a Jesuit, like St Ignatius, St Francis Borgia, St Francis Xaver, St Robert Bellarmine, as well as for a concept like "liturgy of creation" or "cosmic liturgy").

When as a Catholic I became Trad at age 20 about, I very much gave up any attempts at harmonising Creed and Evolutionary expertise. I also had been dreading for some while Teilhard's Noosphere concept. And, even with converting forth and back to Roumanian Orthodoxy for two years, and even with backs and forths about where Papacy is, I have staid pretty much the same as at age 20 about, being now 46.

Getting Geocentric was straightening out a wrinkle of inconsistency, some 13 years ago.

But, at age 8, as said, I was if not Atheist, at least a believer in Science in the way that Atheists are and in the way that implies accepting Heliocentrism and Evolution and seeking no supernatural answers about life or cosmos. I have not forgotten what I believed or even totally what were the difficulties that now seem as obvious refutations of those mostly Atheistic Modern Western ideologies.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Francis Borgia

Update, 9.V.2017 : noticed I had misspelled "deciding" as "decing" and correcting that./HGL

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