mercredi 5 août 2009

What I did not write, and where you can find it

In English, I find no utility in writing myself about some things since it is all in E. H. Andrews' From Nothing to Nature, which I read at age twelve (I read books about evolution by evolutionists from age six and on). It's Swedish translation is called Ur Intet.

Same arguments are sometimes also available on Kent Hovind's drdino site (whose theology I am not bound to share beyond literal truth of Genesis), where he adds cryptozoology and "living fossiles" for non-exstinction of "fossile species". Links in parentheses are to categories of this site, since it is no use linking to chapters in an absent book. If I reread it, I can give chapter numbers).

One more thing: it is for creationism - rebuttals of Darwinism, possible explanations of scientific problems in Bible account, not for evangelical theology that I turn to these authors. Nor for complete religious meaning of Genesis, which I rather seek in relation to Christ, in the Church Fathers. Light was created on a Sunday, because Resurrection and Pentecost were to happen on Sundays. Man was created along with irrational beasts, on a Friday, because on Good Friday Christ remade what went wrong with man's creation, but some refused to be remade and knew not what they did. Eve came from Adam's side when he slept, as the Church from the side of Christ opened by the lance, when he had given up his mortal life for us.

I may very well have repeated things stated by Chesterton about Monkey trial et c.:

This here is from TFP Student Action, and says Peking Man and Java Man are probably as fake as Piltdown man, but it cannot be tested: here.

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  1. is index to this series in English against Evolution.

  2. AND main stream paleontologists are (without knowing it) supporting my howlibird theory about Tyrannosaurus Rex (there were thirty or so fossiles discovered of the latter), that it may have been no species, but a malformation of another species.

  3. On flood dating:
    against Glenn Morton vs John Woodmorappe

    same couple of scholars, other issue: radiometric dating John Woodmorappe vs Glenn Morton (found through no longer existing link on first link here)
    other scholars, for flood geology Don Batten vs several