mardi 18 mai 2010

Those REAL Old Jamborees ...

1) Those REAL Old Jamborees ... , 2) Did Noah suffer like Winston - undefeated?, 3) Medieval Italian Neanderthal?

...written for those really gorgeous girls who gave me French fries in Jardin des Plantes, especially the one lying face to face with me when we sat up

As you have maybe already seen, I am not arguing againts Carbon 14 dating in English, because there is already so much about it on the web (French is another thing). I assume you know why I do not think it proves ages beyond Biblical dating.

So, if earth was created some 7200 or a little more years ago and Adam started farming immediately, if there was originally no C14 in atmosphere, if the C14 in atmosphere has been slowly building up - what are the consequences?

I am in a relaxed mood, not trying to refute or prove beyond dispute. Just: what are the consequences?

One is, you would expect to find historic material dated wrong period, and yes, if Troy was taken 1184 BC, if Hissarlik in Turkey is Troy, then Troy VI or VII would be some 100 - 200 years dated too old, if it was the right one, and even more so if Troy II was the right one, as Schliemann thought.

Another consequence is of course that Neanderthal finds, Dordogne finds, Atapuerca finds (and that is in Monte de Ocas, not far from Burgos) are dated way too old, thousands of years too old. And that these people really were contemporary with men we read of in the Bible, like ... maybe these men before the Flood. But the men before the flood were highly technological, the men in Neanderthal and Dordogne, the men or creatures in Atapuerca were so not?

Lets grab your Chesterton, Everlasting Man: if the painted grottos of Lascaux may just as well have been very old Kindergardens, for all we know, the dwellings of cavemen may very well have been very old, and I mean REAL old jamborees.

I suppose you all know Baden Powell wrote Scouting for Boys. And that since boy scouts and girl guides have been going on jamborees. Well, on a jamboree you deny yourself part of the conforts of civilisation don't you? For all we know, at least the clearly human bones may have been from people dying on a jamboree from a very much more civilised Nod, east of Eden.

Not meaning every practise was according to the Scout law. It seems the Cro Magnon race widely practised anthropophagy a k a cannibalism. So did, by the way, very recently some people of Papuan race. Both for enemies and for dead relatives. And Nod itself too, though civilised, was a city state where evil grew, eventually attracting God's punishment, the Flood.

Speaking of jamborees, even after the Flood some people seem to have started as jamborees, the Amish being a very moderate, peaceful, decent and recent case in point. I think Red Indians N and S of Maya-Aztec-Peruvian high and cruel civilisations started like that.

So next time you read about Rahan, the son of the wild ages (Rahan, le fils des ages farouches), watch out for Cainite ancestors ...

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Buffon, Paris V
18th of May, St Eric of Sweden
in YooL 2010

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