vendredi 4 juin 2010

But believing in Noah and his sons makes you a racist, right?

Ham was cursed for laughing at his father, and blacks descend from Ham, so believing this makes you "black submissionist", right?


Ham, when committing his crime, was an adult, even a father. The blacks descend from Kush, one of his sons. The one son who was cursed along with his father was Canaan.

That curse was already fulfilled by Joshua (descending from Shem) and Scipio (descending from Japheth) conquering realms of the Canaaneans/Phœnicians (descending from Ham's son Canaan) and thereby ending a very bad kind of child hating idolatry.

Just for noting it .../HGL


Racism has a recently strong foundation in Darwinism:

A) Polygenism of humanity arguing that Blacks and Whites reach manhood from different lines of Homo Erectus - has, seems, been refuted, but that was after WW-2

B) "Survival of the fittest" arguing against a morality common to all mankind.

Thereby arguing against moral indignation against slave hunters.



Already stated this, says something about politics around certain places that I was actually called "Ham" as opposed to "Hans" in one place last week. I so prefer keeping to the point rather than refuting what should not need refutation ...

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