mercredi 15 juin 2011

Another possibility

A typical karyogram of a mammal is 2n=48.

A deviant form of karyogram will cause spontaneous abortion. At least I have verified this for humans. Trisomy can occur in chromosome pair 21, giving Downs syndrom, but trisomy in a really big chromosome like pair 1 or 3 gives spontaneous abortion. Except when it does not occur in every cell of foetus.

So what about higher karyograms, like 70 - 80 chromosomes or so, developing before this immunity reaction against deviant karyograms developed, and then after that the development of the immunity reaction?

Well, in that case the development of the immunity reaction would have happened independently in all different strands of mammals with higher, lower or same chromosome numbers. In that case, evolution might remain possible, but as with the missing link, less evidenced. Or, not evidenced at all.

This argument boils down to evolution being possible to have happened if it becomes impossible to prove: for one classic argument in favour of evolution is precisely that if two beings share the same trait, it must have developed at the latest in last common ancestor.

Here we have a deadlock for evolutionists. If immunity against deviant karyograms developed first, no chromosome numbers above that of 48 are possible. Which we know to be untrue about mammals. If karyograms above 48 developed first, and evolution somehow happened, that immunity came to develop after separation of different species, i e independently.

And if the same trait can develop without presence in last common ancestor, then community of traits is so very clearly not a proof for any common ancestor. And even if evolution were true, it would not be philosophically proven.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
15 - VI - 2011

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