jeudi 26 avril 2012

To an Atheist Teenager called Autumn Lauber

On your FB page there are roses on the picture on the wall. My guess is some person with good taste put them there because they are beautiful. Like - you?

In the "general picture" of the universe too there are roses. Someone maybe put them there, for similar reasons, and maybe did so with you too.

Now, when it comes to hypotheses, they do not prove themselves even in sciences. Experiments are arranged because this or that person already believes a thing and wants to prove it. Digging for fossilised skeletons has been very much more done since Darwinism came to be an issue. So having a thesis and looking for confirmation (if at least in principle ready to accept the inverse too) is not a fault.

Now, when it comes to the creationist thesis, someone putting roses and you in the general picture for similar reasons you put roses on your wall photo, I have so far found nothing to invalidate it. And I did start out with an opposite one, that all of us came from one-celled organisms that evolved without any kind of divine internvention. I find that thesis very much harder to believe than there being elves behind the garden - or angels for that matter. Feel welcome to ask for details./HGL

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