mardi 5 juin 2012

Creation vs Evolution series on my main blog

1 Creationism vs. Evolution, considering Thomism, Bi... 1 b Good and bad news 2 Chromosome numbers (first published on Communities... 3 Ancient Sea Scorpion ... (news with comment) 4 Old News, New News, Good News (link) 5 Update on chromosome numbers 6 Speciations observed - but not in mammals. 7 Citing, again, Ian Johnston 8 Non-replies 9 Chromosome numbers

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  1. All of it reposted on this blog, see Index to English Crea-vs-Evolu-series,

    some of it into two composite messages:



    Minor messages on English Crea-vs-Evolu series

    and (I think too):

    Théologie et philosophie

    The theme has been systematically continued on this blog, without posting on my main one.