lundi 27 août 2012

Where Did Armstrong Go Now?

Read he passed away Saturday, was in the paper this morning.

I have previously been talking about the question of where he went in 1969, the moon or somewhere else. I have not taken any firm stand on either position so far. These days a more important question is askable:

Where did he go now? Above the Sun - or below Earth's surface. Not meaning his body, which is six feet under up to Judgement Day, but the other part, the soul.

One might consider, the more the closer one is to him, to pray for his soul. It is more important than his fame.


PS: he has been likened to Columbus, but he has provided so far no Columbus-da Gama type of proof for Heliocentrism, even if his voyage was quite true. I have dealt with that eventuality in this post on another blog.

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