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Two Bishop Richards in Dialogue

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Bishop Richard Dawkins of Canterbury
I wonder if Dagon worship really qualifies as idolatry. Since it is a fish god, it is ancestor worship.
Bishop Richard Williamson of La Reja
That makes as much sense as two times two making five.
Bishop Richard Dawkins of Canterbury
And if eating fish could be considered Cannibalism ... at least during Lent?
Bishop Richard Williamson of La Reja
That is so 1984 and Newthink.
Bishop Richard Dawkins of Canterbury
By the way should we not replace Easter with Darwin day?
Bishop Richard Williamson of La Reja
I am against liturgic reform, sir!

Source: quoting a hopefully future feature article in fine news media like Onion, Onion Dome or Eye of the Tiber./Happy Feast of Holy Innocents, HGL

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  1. Afterthoughts:

    - Persistent rumour has it the Archbishop of Canterbury is actually Rowan Williams or something like that rather than Richard Dawkins: but is there a very great difference?

    - Odd trivia, if you like: neither of above consider each other real bishops. Richard Dawkins has stated all real bishops believe in Evolution, which I believe Richard Williamson does not. And Richard Williamson believes that all real bishops have Apostolic Succession, which "archbishops of Canterbury" have not since some date in former half of 16th C.

  2. Further afterthoughts:*

    - If Richard Dawkins were right, could one qualify St Paul and St Peter as bishops? One of them saying there was no death up till sin of Adam, other saying there was a Deluge and we have no excuse not to know it?

    - Another persistent rumour says that Richard Williamson, though still auxiliary bishop (despite his lack of the episcopal credentials Dawkins wants!) is no longer director of Seminary in La Reja ...

    *Yes, I am famous for making afterthoughts longer than articles at times ...

    HGL's F.B. writings : Creationism and Geocentrism are sometimes used as metaphors for "outdated because disproven inexact science"

    Φιλολόγικα/Philologica : Was Tolkien Only Writing About Symbols, Divorced From Meaning?

    ... it is called having l'esprit d'escalier in French:

    deretour : L'Esprit d'Escalier