mardi 26 février 2013

Linking to Others

St Patrick Series:
Φιλολογικα/Philologica : St Patrick was from some Kind of Britain
somewhere else : What if Tradition is Contaminated?
Creation vs Evolution : Linking to Others
Φιλολογικα/Philologica : I have already written on St Patrick after the Ancient Narrations

You already know Creation Ministries International, of course, but here is some Catholic stuff for you:

"Is Evolution an Open Question for Catholics?"
Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation
Gerry Keane at the Second International Conference, USA, Oct 18-20, 2002

Daylight Origins Society, Daylight Origins Reading Material
Catholic creation & origins science, countering false macro & stellar evolution views

The Big Bang and Stellar Evolution
John Donnelly

I was going to write an article about the Flood article in the St Patrick booklet by the late Fr. Philip Lynch C.S.Sp., and possibly will for St Patrick's Day, but before then I will just tip you the book exists (and since main content is Saints' Biographies, mainly St Patrick, it contains lots of other material than this too, more like how Ireland became a Christian country), but will already give two links to other things I said about the booklet. I did subject it to some petty criticism about the whereabouts of Bannavem Taberniae, the article on its flood geology is upcoming, here is what I already have written:

Φιλολογικά/Philologica : St Patrick was from some kind of Britain ...

somewhere else : What if a Tradition is Contaminated?

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  1. From Donnelly's link:

    8 - Why did the stellar explosions mysteriously stop? The theory required that all the stars exploded, often. The observable facts are that, throughout recorded history, stars only rarely explode. In order to explain this, evolutionists postulate that 5 billion years ago, the explosions suddenly stopped. Very convenient. When the theory was formulated in the 1940s, through telescopes astronomers could see stars whose light left them 5 billion light-years ago. But today, we can see stars that are 15 billion light-years away. Why are we not seeing massive numbers of stellar explosions far out in space? The stars are doing just fine; it is the theory which is wrong.

    Now, John Donnelly, you have a problem here. First there is a grammatic problem, a misnomer: " the 1940s, through telescopes astronomers could see stars whose light left them 5 billion light-years ago."

    According to the science of Heliocentric and Big Banging Evolutionists, they are 5 billion light years away from us in distance. That means, if light has a limited speed, that the light rays we see left the stars 5 billion YEARS ago, there is no such thing as "light-years ago".

    Now, if you recall what you are generally trying to defend, Heaven and Earth were not created 5 billion years ago. That is a date that does not exist. So, if the stars are really that far away, if light leaving them now won't reach us for another 5 billion years, that means their light rays were created all over the distance from them to Earth.

    But if stars explode at all before our eyes, that would mean stars exploding before they existed or God showing by created rays an explosion of a star that ceased to appear in the light rays before it started to exist as a star. THIS is the so-called distant star light problem. I have dealt with Geocentrism as its radical solution, and with Heliocentrism as not so rehabilitated that Geocentrism was ever condemned.

    OK, blog just went blank when In tried to search other article. Librarian blocking, perhaps?

  2. Here it is not blocked, so for the doctrinal purity of the solution, wasn't tehre a reversal in the 1820's in favour of Heliocentrism? It was so slight, that I do not deny the Papacy by saying:

    Father Filippo Anfossi was right against Giuseppe Settele

  3. Otherwise it is so far nearly good.

    Of course, Big Bang believers would not regard the ylem as being "nothing" or even "no matter" but only as lacking atomic structure.

    But the merit is the intuition, perfectly valid, that matter no matter how it started out organised very basically after splitting up, could not possibly have organised while flying outwards. Neither to atoms nor to stars.