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Who is the Creator?

Fair point, but not exactly the point of this blog. I have two other blogs for that:

If the point is in particular "why not Allah, as described in the Qoran?" - Turkey has been second among my readers on this blog this week, after Ukraine and foillowed by United States - I have no separate blog about Muslims and their religion. I have however dealt with it here:

Answering a Muslim who asked "If Jesus was [=is] GOD ..."

And here:

A Gerald Smith on the theme of "Great Apostasy" and "Restored Gospel" - answered

The first of which answers a Muslim objection, the second of states my objection to Islam / Mormonism / Protestantism.

And since the last of this weeks top ten was from India, I will not withhold what I think about Mahabharata:

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... on Mahabharata

Or about Krishna's and Romulus' (or Odin's) claims to divinity:

somewhere else : When a Certain So Called Learning Affirms We Deified Christ Because We Loved Him ...

As you see, there is lots on my other blogs too.

The reason I give this reply into thin air is I think there might have been a reason for my seeing this blogpost of CMI:

Could recent creation be true, but not Christianity?
Responding to a person who believes in recent creation, but not in the Bible’s message of salvation
Published: 12 September 2009(GMT+10)

Not specifying whether the reason, after the curiosity I presume as ultimate reason, and before this hitting my attention, passed by/through/over:

  • Decent (except for stupid choice of intentions!) Christian prayer;
  • Sacrilegious intentions of Masses said for a too specific - but not specified by me - intention about me;
  • Unlawful kabbalah;
  • Hypnosis (I was this morning aware of having been left by someone whom I did not catch being there, and my reloadable copy card was missing);
  • or Hypersensitive Empathy with silent, mostly absent, people developed by my years of solitude.

But I can specify that I also saw Russia and Ukraine on the visitors statistics of top ten, so here is for those East of the 1054 Schism:

Trento - Philaret (Catechisms)
[comparison between catechisms so far very incomplete, some other pages too]

And here:

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Is Romanides accurate?, Was Romanides accurate? Bis! Not very much at all!, Linguistics for Romanides: Greek, Latin, Patois

deretour : Mystagogy posts certainly false allegation on St Robert Bellarmine, Pseudoquote identified. What De Romano Pontifice, book IV, chapter V really says (quote) [scroll down, there is text, though top is empty], Further faults of fact in the Mystagogy post

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Was Peter the Aleut a Martyr?

So, just because something about my religious position is not specifically defended on this blog, does not mean I have no logical defense for it, but most often I have defended it elsewhere.

I have every right to say I know who the Creator is. Or which Church He founded on Ascension Day and Pentecost or Holy Thursday or Resurrection evening, or what tradition he founded by giving the first of the Church a forty day crashcourse on OT exegesis. The guys who pretend this were some kind of irrational jumping to conclusions, sentimentality, sensationalism, wilfulness, pathology, demonic illusion or so on, on my part, have no right to the kind of persecution they have been perpetrating.

And persecution it is.

Yesterday I had posted about Gaza. When I left the Library Marguérite Audoux and later the City district town hall for Third City district of Paris and tried to beg for money for food, the silent reproach was extremely palpable, alms were withheld until the shop had closed, and I was hungry for hours more. This is not at all the first time, not even rare, that after I post something which is impopular with Jews, Muslims, Gay Community or other minorities cherished by the left, or sometimes the left as such, I am targetted by this kind of silent reproach. What happened afterwards is a matter for a blogpost in its own right - if I write it.

But I actually thought the reproach this time (plus the final alms actually given by a probable secular Jew) was due to my comments under this blogpost of another writer:

The TOF Spot : Homelessness and Freedom of the Will

You see, my hard sayings about those preparing collective (not necessarily tax financed) solutions for the homeless, they are not impopular for the first time.

One thing is for sure about the Creator, He is not one to require alms receivers to take gratitude to merely human benefactors to proportions of divine adoration or of magisterial status. I do not have to become a Muslim because a Muslim gives me bread. I do not have to become a Jew because a Jewish family gives me matzot (they were not red, in case anyone wonders), I do not have to give my life to Christ because a Pentecostal gives me to eat, as if I hadn't already done that. I do not have to refrain from criticising homeless shelters as the most general solution and better than direct monetary alms, because I take breakfast in some of them, now and again or even pretty often. I do not have to take another job than writing because someone who gives me money and pretends he doesn't know I write, or pretends he doesn't know my blog, or pretends he doesn't know how my general licence would work for someone trying to reprint it on my conditions. God did not create them to be might hunters of men like Nimrod, and God did not create me to be their slave.

Even if homeless shelter personnel would after and because of that be willing to stamp me as a fanatic.** Before public or before other usagers - and through those selected to hear it all in discretion, to lots of others as well.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Apollinaris of Ravenna***

* On this particular computer, the T is lacking. I supplement it using ASCII-Code. If in html I use T , then, in the text you see, I get T. And to make & and ; show rather than add up to make a T with the number symbol and number 84, I used their ASCII-Code values too: & = &, &#59; = 59. But I do not like that this is weeks since this computer started having this problem (no problem for lower case "t", so it is not the keyboard!) at the library of Georges Pompidou in Paris. "This" meaning previous one, on which I started the message. Now I changed to another one.

** My mother has, for that matter, been harrassed by personnel of psychiatry for being a Young Earth Creationist. That is the kind of secular fanaticism you see in Sweden, and one reason I left the country in 2004. Friends remaining there are often relieved to be outside. And no, that is not at all limited to people of whom you could say "he's a case" or "she's a case".

*** Ravennae natalis sancti Apollinaris Episcopi, qui, ab Apostolo Petro Romae ordinatus et Ravennam missus, pro fide Christi diversas et multiplices poenas perpessus est; postea, Evangelium in Aemilia praedicans, plurimos ab idolorum cultu revocavit; tandem, Ravennam reversus, gloriosum martyrium, sub Vespasiano Caesare, complevit.

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