mercredi 21 janvier 2015

Maciej Giertych Sums It Up (link and quote from it)

I understand that the Church wants to know what the world of science is proposing, also what the atheists propose. However, by setting up a conference in such a way as this recent forum, the Church will never be informed about the full picture. It will hear only the voices of its critics (known on a daily basis from a multitude of sources). These critics did not receive a response against which they would have to defend themselves with scientific arguments. They received only an assurance that God has something to do with the development of the world, a position which they can easily reject as an expression of religious fundamentalism that they despise.

Galileo Was Wrong [the blog] : Pontifical Academy of Science Run by Atheists
Censorship in Science
Posted by galileowaswrong on Jun 28, 2013

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