lundi 22 juin 2015

Triple Helix DNA? Probably Never Existed

I just saw another blog in which it was speculated nephelim genome as directly non-human such was a triple helix.

As far as I know, this is not possible. The reason is this: the double helix goes with a paired DNA code. If "left" part of helix has adenine in a place, "right" part has thymine, if instead "left" part has thymine, "right" part has adenine. There are two other bases that form such pairs, guanine and cytosine.

So, when one strand has this:

ATCGATTGAGCTCTAGCG (example taken from wikipedia)

the other strand should have this:


Now, imagine there are three strands. Each strand connects to other two. ATCGATT on one duly corresponds to TAGCTAA on the next - but what should the third strand have? Should it start with T because of A in the first line? Or should it start with A because of T in the second line? One position cannot have both an A and a T, so neither is viable. And if it is anything else than A or T, the coding is broken.

The utmost possibility would be a strand with four other bases we don't know - or a strand which makes other base pairs contrary to known ones. So, it would be pretty hard to imagine not just nephelim getting born with triple helix, but also (according to some) Nimrod acquiring a triple helix.*

No, the nature of nephelim would be other** and I don't think angels have DNA.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
St Pauline of Nola

* After being born with a normally paired double one. ** Probably, anyway. See however:

Wiki : Hoogsteen base pair

It seems triple helix has been observed "in vivo" (not in lab manipulated examples) only in E. coli, one process.

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  1. I tend to believe you, because your arguments are very strong!!! In fact I also don't believe at all in the evolution theory which I find too simple and illogical. The evolutionist can't explain till now why, after tens of millions of years of evolution if not even more, the animals are not perfectly or almost perfectly adapted to the medium and all the time are born sick or invalid exemplars. Also no evolutionist can explain white in the last 5,000 years or even more no new species emerged on this planet. The answer is simple: because I believe all this animals, including the man are designed by a Superior Power who can be considered, simple, the God!!!! Thank you!!!!