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Charity Appeal : Bonaventura on God and Creation


The Franciscan Archive has undertaken the Apostolate of publishing in English translation the great Franciscan summa of theology, known as St. Bonaventure’s Commentaries on the Four Books of Master Peter Lombard. Written from 1250-1252 A. D., at the University of Paris, this outstanding work of theology has been hailed by numerous Popes, Saints and theologians, for the brilliance of its insight and fidelity to the Catholic Faith.

Four books of Peter Lombard or four books of Sentences. Book one on God as Holy Trinity.

(D e M y s t e r i o T r i n i t a t i s)

Book two, more specifically on Creation. It's Latin title is :

D e r e r u m c r e a t i o n e
e t f o r m a t i o n e c o r p o r a l i u m
e t s p i r i t u a l i u m e t a l i i s
p l u r i b u s e i s p e r t i n e n t i b u s

(On the creation and formation of bodily and spiritual things and of much more pertaining to them.)

Then there are also:

Book 3 D e I n c a r n a t i o n e V e r b i (On the Incarnation of the Word)
Book 4 D e D o c t r i n a S i g n o r u m ("On the doctrine of Signs" - including presumably both on Bible and on Sacraments).

Now, for the moment it is book two they are publishing in English:

The First Tome contained the Seraphic Doctor’s treatise on the Most Holy Trinity.

To publish the Second Volume, which will expound St. Bonaventure’s theology on Creation, Save Old St. Mary’s Inc. is issuing this challenge to the lovers of Saints Francis and Bonaventure throughout the world, to raise the estimated $40,000.00 USD necessary.

In other words, Peter Lombard wrote a work in four books. St Bonaventura wrote comments on each part of each book. What I was quoting the titles from is a Latin website with just the work of Peter Lombard. What the Franciscans are translating includes the comments of St Bonaventura too.

You can of course buy the first volume already as well as sending them a donation for translating volume two.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Bartholomew Apostle

PS, if you know Latin, here is at least Lombardus:

B I B L I O T H E C A A U G U S T A N A :
Petrus Lombardus :
S e n t e n t i a r u m l i b r i I V

PPS, in this link some parts have only headings and link to no chapter texts. I see Distinctio I and Distinctio VII in book two have, but those between and some after (have not gone far) lack such./HGL

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