mercredi 6 janvier 2016

Here they could comment, I think (mainly two links, and a linking comment)

CMI : Trilobite technology
Incredible lens engineering in an ‘early’ creature.
by Charles Stammers, Epiphany 2016

Trilobites are mostly found in Cambrian rock which evolutionists claim was laid down hundreds of millions of years ago.

How about: "Rocks where trilobites are found are therefore* called Cambrian and claimed by Evolutionists to be hundreds of millions of years old"?

That is the track which I have pursued in the series starting at:

Creation vs. Evolution : Three Meanings of Chronological Labels

However, Charles Stammers made another point, also valid:

It is pointless to talk of ‘natural selection acting over millions of years’ as the cause of this brilliant design. There is no record of indifferently designed lower lenses. More importantly, there is no need for the trilobite to have had a perfect eye, or even any eye at all. Many had no sight, but there is no evidence that they coped any less well.

Go for his article for more of that./HGL

PS: if you wonder why I comment so often on CMI and so little on much other things, it is because CMI has a generally high quality. Kent Hovind, an older favourite, is uneven, but often brilliant, my comments usually on the blog for "comments under video" format as well as "debate [in comments unde videos]" format: Assorted Retorts./HGL


* Mostly, sometimes other "periods", due to presence of other fossils - Permian, for instance, as "latest".

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