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Creationist takes on Neanderthal Mitochondrial DNA

The standard one seems to be not giving any very definite answer as to why the mitochrondrial DNA is different from that of modern (contemporary) humans.

See Robert Carter:

CMI : Taking a crack at the Neandertal mitochondrial genome
by Robert W. Carter
Published: 16 September 2008(GMT+10)

Another possibility would be that Neanderthals are in fact pre-Flood.

All post-Flood (and therefore all contemporay samples) of mitochondrial DNA must come via the three daughters in law of Noah.

Then, if we can track three types of DNA in mitochondria, and the Neanderthals are clearly outside all three types, one might say that instead Neanderthals are pre-Flood.

So, a Neanderthal man has a daughter with a non-Neanderthal pre-Flood man, she does NOT inherit Neanderthal typical mitochondria, since she gets mitochondria from pre-Flood non-Neanderthal mother, but she does inherit non-mitochondrial DNA from her Neanderthal father and hands it on to children.

If her husband is one of the three sons of Noah, I'd say either Shem or Iaphet. Because Africans, being all Cham, are not very Neanderthal like in genome.

Of course, if Africans are all, via Cush, from Cham, so are other peoples, via other sons.

So actually, it could be Mrs Ham as well (no reference to Ken Ham's family intended, though pun is noted), just that Kush got less of her genes than did, say Chanaan, who is ancestor to some in Middle East as well as Europe.

But this of course is moot since involving Neanderthal similar genomes in recent populations (recent as in testable and tested) being in same area as where Neanderthals themselves were pre-Flood. In other words, a similar problem as with Cangaroos, though not unsolvable in either case.

Descendants of either pre-Flood population (beast or human) may by providence have been led to same areas as where their ancestors lived, and where they fitted.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Saturday of Easter Week

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