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Is Literal Truth of Genesis and Apocalypse Necessary for Christianity to be True?

Newman in an essay in the collection "The Catholic Idea of a University" considered it a historic fact that Antichrist "will" reign, as the tense was correct back in his day, as much as it is a historic fact that Nero has reigned. While this is apt to consider for the team who would make out Newman as a non-fundie, it is here noted because it reminds us that Fundamentalism both concerns early times and end times. CMI reminded me because they had an article with the title, more or less, here.

Well, next question is, would being "hazy" or vague be all that bad for Christianity?

It would be disastrous. In the Douay Rheims Bible online, Deuteronomy 18 is involved in describing Christ as Prophet (as Man, He is King, Priest and Prophet, as outlined by King David in psalm 109, both a ruler putting enemies under His feet and a priest after the order of Melchisedec, and also Prophet, as per Deuteronomy 18).

Here is the heading of that chapter:

The Lord is the inheritance of the priests and Levites. Heathenish abominations are to be avoided. The great PROPHET CHRIST is promised. False prophets must be slain.

And here is one part of the description of THE true prophet:

Thou shalt have this sign: Whatsoever that same prophet foretelleth in the name of the Lord, and it cometh not to pass: that thing the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath forged it by the pride of his mind: and therefore thou shalt not fear him. (Deuteronomy 18:22)

This means, as the end times prophecies unfold, we must make up our minds, if we haven't done so, will they unfold correctly as foretold to the end, or will they include bloopers?

Well, since the person speaking to St. John is Christ, this involves Christ as prophet, as does obviously Matthew 24.

But, since Moses as prophet was lawgiver and the seer of Genesis 1, this means the references back to Genesis in the Gospels, including Adam and Eve, including Noah and the Flood, including Cain and Abel, must be correct too. If they aren't, if they slipped into His teaching from a mind too steeped in erroneous "mythology" of the Hebrews, well, that would make Our Lord a false prophet, which He is not.

Any Christian, specifically Catholic, non-fundies, take note. Why specifically Catholic? Because it's Catholic exegesis which says this description applies to Christ.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Parmentier
Vigil of St. Bartholomew

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