mercredi 15 décembre 2010

Are Creationist Ministries condemned Protestant Bible Societies? (and are they still condemned?)

Here is what Pope Bl. Pius IX had to say about the latter:

14. The crafty enemies of the Church and human society attempt to seduce the people in many ways. One of their chief methods is the misuse of the new technique of book-production. They are wholly absorbed in the ceaseless daily publication and proliferation of impious pamphlets, newspapers and leaflets which are full of lies, calumnies and seduction. Furthermore, under the protection of the Bible Societies which have long since been condemned by this Holy See,[7] they distribute to the faithful under the pretext of religion, the holy bible in vernacular translations. Since these infringe the Church's rules,[8] they are consequently subverted and most daringly twisted to yield a vile meaning. So you realize very well what vigilant and careful efforts you must make to inspire in your faithful people an utter horror of reading these pestilential books. Remind them explicitly with regard to divine scripture that no man, relying on his own wisdom, is able to claim the privilege of rashly twisting the scriptures to his own meaning in opposition to the meaning which holy mother Church holds and has held. It was the Church alone that Christ commissioned to guard the deposit of the faith and to decide the true meaning and interpretation of the divine pronouncements.[9]


Or would a non-Protestant creationism arguer even be able to find support like Catholic priests approving his writings:

15. In order to check the contagion of bad books, it would be useful if your clerics who are renowned for sound doctrine likewise publish short works, to build up the faith to instruct the people. You would, of course, have to approve these before publication. Distribute these works and other useful and doctrinally sound authors among the faithful.

It hangs on what is doctrinally sound and on what is a daringly twisted vile meaning. I happen to have heard that one standard of creationist arguers, that strata as well may stem from the flood of Noa as from millions of years of calmer sedimentation was put forward by a Catholic scientist. And that Pope Pius IX made him knight of the order of st Gregory, or something.

Anyone know about that?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mouffetard/Paris V
15/XII/2010, Octave of
Immaculate Conception
(Encyclical cited from feast day itself)

Are Bible Societies still condemned? Maybe not all of them, look at this agreement: GUIDELINES FOR INTERCONFESSIONAL COOPERATION IN TRANSLATING THE BIBLE

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