mercredi 22 décembre 2010

Was a French URL shortener blocked or destroyed because of linking here?

  • a) there used to be an url shortener called ;
  • b) it used to link to two messages here being English index and being French index concerning messages on another blog, whereas linked to a denunciation of transhumanism as evolutionary project (on a previous blogger profile that was disconnected without me doing so);
  • c) there was also a lot of porn and medication links being shortened on but any link going to a bad site that had recently been clicked or shortened could be signalled to webmaster, so it was not a problem of daunting proportions;
  • d) I had written - among other things - creationist stuff on an MSN Group called Antimodernism too: it was disconnected with all other ones in February 2009: we got a warning and I managed to save some to this blogger profile in time. Unfortunately a man whom I had asked to help me in the saving of messages turned out to be a free mason. When I found out, I unfriended him at LinkedIn. But the damage was done: I had had insufficient access to internet during the interval to save all, he had been trusted and ... done nothing to save a single message as far as I could tell. Parts of my written production is gone. MSN's excuse was that they had found a better technology: I had a minor MSN Group which I tried to transfer, and it worked out miserably.

  • e) Now has been "not found on this server" since a cache 15 december. No news has been sent to anyone or anything in the media about the disappearance of a major internet utility like this URL shortener. Any one see some kind of pattern?

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