dimanche 25 septembre 2011

vs Evolution or vs Traducion?

One can actually be a creationist in two senses.

If you believe not only that God created Heaven and Earth, but also each species on earth without needing or otherwise using evolution to make the big differences like between a cat and a dog or a man and a monkey (possibly not yet between horse and donkey or dog and wolf, but I am not sure), you are a Creationist as opposed to an Evolutionist.

If however you believe that unlike each body, conceived from a part of the father's and a part of the mother's seminal cells in the seminal fluids, each soul is created originally and directly by God, you are a creationist. If you believe that each human souls excepting Adam's and possibly Eve's comes from a soul aspect or soul part in one's parents, then you are a Traducianist.

From Latin verb tra-ducere, lead over, lead across.

I am of course a Creationist in both senses. And I believe atheist Evolutionism with materialism to be the ultimate parodic form of Traducianism. If the mind is only an aspect of biology, obviously its qualities would be inherited with other such through the DNA and RNA.

Also, Traducianism in both Christian (mainly Protestant) and Atheist forms tends to overdo the capacity of parents to empathise with children or even their rights over children irrespective of empathy, meaning Traducianism is less likely than Creationism (in this sense) to leave children sufficiently free.

Hans-Georg Lundahl

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