lundi 23 janvier 2012

Apes and Fools

Apes do not deny God, but neither do they believe in God.

Fools do not think they are mad, but neither do they think they are sane.

Even so some psychiatry personnel is quite capable of saying to judge of liberty (as they say in France) when a patient said she felt sane, that psychotic patients never think they are psychotic - and judge of liberty was so bad at logic, she fell for the trick.

Even so, someone is also able to write:

man descends from the ape, the proof: he believes in God

as if believing in God was some kind of apeish thing.

Sad when logic breaks down before rhetoric. Happened in an evolutionist progressive environment like Germany 1933 too.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Paris - La Clairière
23 - I - 2012

PS: I would not like to be the guy who wrote above inanity about apes and believing in God on a Church wall, even if he did it in French.

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