samedi 21 janvier 2012

Funny How Some Systematically Answer the Wrong Questions

I was right the other day verifying what kind of education high school students of France receive about evolution.

Yes, there is a part about genetics, no it does not cover chromosome changes except the sporadic ones we know do not tend to constitute new species, a k a trisomies, and whatever you call it when one pair has only one chromsome, and so on. Yes, the question of how chromosome numbers change may well come up, but probably it will be exactly where it is not problematical like chimp to human which would be a fusion leading to our chromosome 2, or polyploidy which is quite plausible in plants, but hardly in mammals. And of course they do take up genetic drift, which is not about the number of chromosomes but about their

The real problem about chromosome number changes is about increasing chromosome numbers in mammals.

The real problem between chimp and human or between common ancestor of both and human is that we have reason. As I said on a side issue on a debate with a heliocentric, reason is not a brain function per se. Even if some connected things are.

Instead of adressing the real problems, like reason differring between human and supposed relatives, or chromosome numbers with increase problems in mammals, they adress above named sham issues.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BpI Georges Pompidou
21 January, St Agnes and
Venerable King Louis XVI
Y o o L 2012

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