lundi 20 février 2012

Lent and Genesis Reading Time Approach

      1 Lent and Genesis Reading Time Approach
2 Hitchens and Blair, what are you up to?
3 Ethics of Creationist Writings
Now to this essay:
I have not missed out on typology for the Fall of Adam and the Fast of Lent, which is meant to restore in us part of the life of Paradise, which Adam lost by eating what he should not eat. That is especially evident in the sermons of St Basil, called Hexameron. Making a scientific or philosophic defense of the positions St Augustine outlines is evidently not a bad thing either.

Here is, anyway, first some links to some Patristics, one work on Origen, two works by Church Fathers, St Augustine and St Basil:
- In Genesim, by Origen, about, not the actual text.
- De Genesi ad Litteram, by St Augustine, English text.
- Hexameron, par St Basile le Grand, texte français.

Then I link to an essay of mine, previously written today, next in reading order of this series, and which links back to an earlier message on this blog:
Hitchens and Blair, what are you up to?

It includes some strictly theological reflections on the Fall and its consequences.

So, on Ash Wednesday, blessed fasting - and it is up to your priests or bishops, not to me, to give you the real blessing, I can only wish you to receive it, since a mere layman. As for those who have already started, blessed continuation.

And as for him who called me "brother", let him consider well what I write here, and what the Church Fathers wrote, before he accuses me of endangering my soul as heterodox writer, or as false priest.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BpI Georges Pompidou
20-II-2012, Monday before
Ash Wednesday.

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