jeudi 6 septembre 2012

Darwinist Claim: Speciation has been Observed in Mammals, Faroese House Mouse

Here is a quote from Wiki:

The faroese House Mouse was probably introduced accidentally from Britain by the irish monks as early as in the 6th century. It is the Western European House Mouse (Mus domesticus) but has earlier been wrongfully labelled as Mus musculus. This naming has also been used to name the sub-species which have evolved in the isolated island populations. The Nólsoy House Mouse is a sub-species called (Mus musculus faroeensis) and the Mykines House Mouse is also a sub-species called (Mus musculus mykinessiensis). Its closest relative was the now extinct St Kilda House Mouse (Mus musculus muralis). Wood Mouse or Field Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) was recorded on the Faroe Islands in the 17th century, but has not been recorded since. These recordings might have been of House mice mistaken for Wood mice.

Sorry, but subspecies is still microevolution, as much as ring species or band species. Including obviously the Galapago finches. It is still evolution within a kind, not from kind to kind.

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