mercredi 5 septembre 2012

For Doctors Involved in Darwinist Thinking (real shorty)

OK, a streptococcus that can be killed with streptomycin will sometimes mutate into one streptomycin resistant variety. And so on with any other bacteria.

But it remains a streptococcus. It does not become a Yersinia Pestis or an Human Immunity Virus.

Precisely as the skin colours and hair structures and nose forms on our view have all evolved very recently (after Noah, Neanderthal being probably an Antediluvian variety, some of the genes of which somehow came into the gene pool of one daughter in law of Noah relevant to Europe and Middle East). But all descendants of Adam and Eve, and of Noah and his three sons and three daighters in law without exception remain men and do not evolve into apes. A degree of evolution which we Creationists term “microevolution”, micro- as in small change. We agree you have seen microevolution, many times over.

But we do not agree you have seen macroevolution, macro- as in big change. Like your streptococci remain streptococci, whatever immunities they develop.

I just read on Creation Ministries International that the streptomycin resistent streptococci or whatever (avtually staphyllococci to whatever antibiotic, including penicilline) that resistent bacteria was can easily be killed off by exposition to non-mutated cousins. But check it out yourself, unless that is spoof. The non-mutated bacteria can then be killed off by appropriate antibiotic, if needed.* Here is one article, as I tried to look it up again:


Hans-Georg Lundahl
St. Raïssa's Day
Sept. 5th, 2012

This link says why this is no good idea for patients already sick:
Warning–don’t try this at home!
Most importantly of all, I would give a major caution, before anyone decides to ignore antibiotics and inject themselves with dirty water! When my article on superbugs referred to rolling in the dirt as a way of more rapidly overcoming the ‘superbugs’ on my skin, this was not in the context of treatment for an established infection. As the article indicated, these bugs were passively colonizing my skin, so the ‘roll in the dirt’ advice I received from a specialist was to ensure that the population on the skin shifted progressively in favour of the more ‘home-brand-normal-variety’ germs. But that is not the same as having a raging infection, and then injecting one type of germ to somehow ‘fight’ another. To inject such ‘homeboy germs’ in any situation would be inviting potential disaster. As I said before in this feedback to someone, et c.

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