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If Tas Walker is right, Pius XII was not wrong to canonise Steno!

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If Tas Walker is right, Pius XII was not wrong to canonise Steno!

Actually Steno was not canonised yet, only beatified, and by John Paul II, as stated in following:

Creationism and Catholicism go well together (second example)
Where do you find Dinosaurs over Trilobites?
Steno and "Vertical Barbecue" contra John Laurie

You see, Steno is kind of a countryman of mine. He was Danish, I am Swedish but we are both from Scania* - a region then in Denmark, now in Sweden. He was also on my list on possible accusations against Pius XII for not supporting Creationism enough. I had read some text to the effect that Steno, while founding Geology, came to something like Old Earth conclusions. Of course, 6800 years back in his days is pretty old too, and he may have used the word "old" for that reason. Here is however what one Bible believing Geologists (unfortunately not Catholic) says about the founder of Geology, a Bible believer and a Catholic:

Geological pioneer Nicolaus Steno was a biblical creationist
by Tas Walker

I thank Jonathan Sarfati for linking to this article./HGL

*Steno was from Copenhagen, Zealand, not from Scania, but it is right opposite. It's been years since I studied Steno's life. Decades even.

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