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A Soft Spot for Jews?

Creation Ministries International prints this:*

We chatted for a while until the mother said, “We have suffered anti-Semitism and were told it was because the Jews killed Jesus. But why do Christians dislike us personally?”

I replied, “I don’t dislike Jews, in fact because of my Christian faith I have a soft spot for Jews. Any Christian who says they hate Jews is very unlikely to be Christian at all.”

I have some Jewish family background. When a Catholic friend of the family realised this, she exclaimed "Juden? Jesus Maria hilf!"** - I liked her and forgot it, but my grandmother who was no Christian remembered it. She repeated it until I had slim chances forgetting it.

In the Catholic Church, each Good Friday one prays for the conversion of the Jews. Basically: they killed God, God heal them from their blindness. Apart from that and certain Gospel readings the word Jews is not often mentioned.

In France, Catholics had a soft spot for Jews up to about the year 1000 or a little before. It was discoevered they were not just using the Old Testament. They were not Christians minus the New Testament. There was a thing called the Talmud.

But if a Catholic is reserved about Jews without being a Theologian Professional, the reasons for disliking Jews would normally be their behaviour. Let us analyse the words of the Jewish lady again:

“We have suffered anti-Semitism and were told it was because the Jews killed Jesus. ..."

Who told her exactly that? A Christian disliking her? Or someone whom she asked about that Christian's behaviour? Would it be a Christian she trusted enough to repeat that answer? Or would it be a Rabbi?

I guess it was a Rabbi. And if a particular Jewish community has, to take an exemple from France, from 1880 to at least 1914 been voting for the then and there equivalents of Obama, they might have then and there been disliked by people disliking equivalents of Obama. And even if some showed goodwill afterwards (in the eyes of such Christians), would it really be over the top to suppose some not very bourgeois Christians were a bit hard at forgetting and were a bit reserved about Jews after that?

I mean, by voting Jules Ferry and Combes, they had made sure that French pupils were being taught by teachers mainly despising Holy Mother Church. Would CMI consistently be Jew friendly in English countries if for 20 years Jews were consistently attacking both Homeschoolers and Christian schools? By voting Clémenceau they helped an attack on the Church: State and Church no longer working together. But French State acting as legal owner to Church buildings. And imposing on Catholic parishes (normally under a priest who is under a bishop who has succession from the Apostles who got the Holy Spirit from Christ) a constitution which might seem more normal for Jews, Moslems, Presbytarians and Congregationalists. By launching him they also helped to provoke the Versailles peace which launched one German "Clémenceau" whom I guess you know by name and moustache. One who recalled art trade in Vienna. One who had not become the painter I hope he wanted to have been, and I think he should have.

So, I guess the Rabbi who told her that was either simply wrong or positively dishonest. In either case she had been kept in ignorance about what Christian indignation against certain Jewish communities was really about.

Or usury. How often is it Jews take a stand for Deuteronomy 23:20 and for saying in addition to that that neither Christians nor Muslims are Canaaneans? In the Middle Ages it was guaranteed that where they lived they could commit this objectively sinful act, in respect of the fact that they and their Talmud allowed them to regard Christians as Goyim.*** That also explains why Jews are often against° the Creationist movement. Genesis is Torah. Talmud says Christians should not be allowed to study the Torah. Ergo, Christian pupils should not have access to Creationism. OR Talmud says Christians should not be allowed to study the Torah. Genesis is Torah, but Creationism is not Genesis. So, if Christians want to study Creationism it is not criminal, but it is no duty and so it is not a duty to help them either.

When I was twenty I had no idea this is what Jews could be reasoning like. Later I have come to sympathise with the Austrian lady. Does this mean I have no soft spot for the Jewish one in Bayeux? No. But it does mean I think she was getting away with no Jewish guilt at all at the expence of a kind of Christendom guilt which I resent. And I have been defending Christendom against Atheists as well as Christian Theology. I have more and more come to suspect that some Atheists loudly attacking Christendom are really Jews.

I have called Atheism a radical kind of Protestantism. But in some cases it is rather a radically Sadducee version of Judaism. In really bad cases (such as psychiatry, or much of it) it is a case of Talmud without the Torah. Now, that ideology I have no soft spot for.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Holy Martyrs of Cordoba
Ruderic priest and Solomon

* CMI : Being ‘ready to answer’
by Warwick Armstrong / Published: 13 March 2014

I am guessing this Antisemitism she referred to was things like reserve and lack of sympathy. If she meant things like certain Camps, it was obviously monstruously dishonest of whoever told her such a thing to imply that Eichmann and Himmler were indignated at the Deicide. They had some other fish to fry and were power hungry in a way forbidden to Christians most strictly. Assyrians took Samariah "oh the Jews launched them against us because they hate Jeroboam!" No, I do not think the inhabitants of Samariah were that stupid.

For French readers: Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Qui fut Dom Gaston Aubourg - et qui sauva Bayeux?

**"Hilf" = "help (us)!" in German. And no, it was not in the state called Germany, nor was she a German citizen. It was Vienna, Austria.

*** A little discussion of both usury and guilds here:

Guilds and Distributism, Defined, Defended
on one of my other blogs : HGL's F.B. writings

° Or indifferent to.

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