mercredi 12 mars 2014

Is it Antisemitic to Point Out that Stephen Jay Gould was No Christian?

You know, the "Apostle" of "punctuated equilibrium" in one variety of Neo-Darwinism. A guy who has often been cited as pointing out that "iôm can mean a longer period of time" and also insisted on the NOMa doctrine, that is on "Non-Overlapping Magisteria" between Theology and Natural Science?

Since he was no Christian, he did not care about God Himself speaking in Marc 10:6.

Let us take, for one minute, the account of Genesis at face value, and see if it saures with Marc 10:6. Assuming that Book of Henoch is correct, the pre-Flood year was 364 days (whether days were longer or year shorter, I do not know, in that case, but for calculus I assume it is year that was shorter). In that case Heaven and Earth were created less than 200 hours before Adam and Eve.

Creation to Flood = 2242*364*24=19,586,112 h.

Flood to Christmas = 2957*365.25*24=25,921,062 h.

All together = 45,507,174 h.

So, if we divide 200 hours by 45 and a half million hours (or rather the exact value I calculated), we get 4.3949... * 10-6 as the proportion. The time before Adam and Eve were created were in that case to the time overall between Creation and Incarnation as 4:1,000,000 - i e insignificant.

This is obviously in contradiction with a pretended Natural Philosophy according to which the 5199 years of Septuagint Chronology are to the History of "Planet" Earth as 1.155333... * 10-6 or 1:1,000,000, i e insignificant.

For Marc 10:6 you neither get Non-Overlapping Magisteria and therefore impossibility of contradiction between Holy Writ and Darwinism, nor between Holy Writ and Gay Marriage Laws, but instead Competing and Contradicting "Magisteria".

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Gregory the Great*

* Non Angli, sed angeli ...

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