lundi 28 mars 2016

I don't think Mother Angelica ever found Darwin's God

1) Creation vs. Evolution: I don't think Mother Angelica ever found Darwin's God · 2) Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: ... on Evolution and Catholic Church

I think she went up, not down (or at least not down far enough and if so she will get up again)*. And I think in life she stayed with Father Murphy's God and in dying found Him.

Mother Angelica on Blasphemy, the Second Vatican Council, and WYD 1993
Matthew Olson

I already said RIP, and if she needed it or someone else needed it better, I hope she will pray for me too./HGL

* For non-Catholic readers : in what the Hebrews called Sheol, the Limbus of Fathers is under us, was lit up when Jesus came down there and is empty since He took those souls up. Under it, but still above the Hell of the Damned, there is Purgatory. If she went down, that is as low as she went, I think, and everyone who comes down there, gets up. Those who come down lower don't, except briefly on Judgement Day.

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