lundi 14 mars 2016

Reading this on iPad?

I was just looking at the site through a tool called YouResponsive - Free Responsive Tool for Your Website.


  • Bad:
    • iPhone portrait (320x568) Bad: horizontal scroll
    • iPhone landscape (568x320) Bad: horizontal scroll
    • Android portrait (240x320) Bad: horizontal scroll
    • Android landscape (320x240) Bad: horizontal scroll
    • Android Nexus portrait (384x600) Bad: horizontal scroll
    • Android Nexus landscape (600x384) Bad: horizontal scroll

  • Good :
    • iPad portrait (768x1024)
    • iPad landscape (1024x768)

For best reading experience, use PC, iPad portrait (768x1024), iPad landscape (1024x768) OR try to get parts of it in book form.

The book form of your favourite essays doesn't exist? Yet? You are free to print and even sell, contributions to author are voluntary:

hglwrites : A little note on further use conditions

For this blog (but some post series go across blog limits) the first comment linking to

Antimodernism : Copyright issues on blogposts with shared copyright

is not very important, but for some blogs (and some series on this blog cross over into those blogs) it is essential.

You don't know how to print a book, and have no press? Well, here are a few instructions:

Recipes from Home and Abroad : Printing Books / Imprimer des Livres

And though contributions to author are voluntary, do consider and not just forget them, please!

MSN Group Antimodernism in memoriam : clarifications à propos donativo (Eng/fr)

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Monday after V:th Lord's Day in Lent

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