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If Carbon Date 45 000 BC is Pre-Flood - Where is 47 000 Years Old Nod or Henoch?

I think some Creationists may have been rejecting my conjecture (otherwise I think it is a well founded one too) about Neanderthals in Europe being pre-Flood and therefore dates when Neanderthals, Heidelbergians and very few Cro Magnon type men were in Europe being pre-Flood, because of precisely the problem above.

General culture associates Neanderthals, Heidelbergians and so on with a very unsophisticated culture. (Mark Twain found fault with Fenimore Cooper for saying "unsophisticated" instead of "primitive", but unsophisticated fits the case better than primitive like conditions going all the way back to Adam). If there was more to their culture, like if we found burial places which were deliberately toned down from artefacts, we seem not to have found any other situations in which they lived and in which they are preserved surrounded by city life.

Well, Flood covered different parts of the world in different quantities of mud.

Mesopotamia seems to have been very spared. Two rivers of Paradise still being there and on Palaeocritti site (the original one, not my backup blog) Iraq is not marked as having fossil finds.

On the other hand, if Alps, Himalaya and Andes are post-Flood heights, these places seem to have gotten very much of a mud cover.

My conjecture about the pre-Flood civilisation would be : we might find some if we did more things like the St Gotthard tunnel.

This is exclusive of the OOPArt claims, of which I don't know whether they are pre- or post-Flood, and I don't know if any have been carbon dated.

One got another type of radiometric dating, by Uranium Lead, I think, which gave 500 000 years BP - but what we want is a more exact method like carbon 14, if the rise in C14 is a not very wiggling curve.

With a first rise in C14 previous to Flood, then a depletion, then a re-rise, pre- and post-Flood material could even share same carbon ages, because involved in same percentage of modern carbon 14. This I have not counted on.

What I have counted on is mainly the post-Flood rise. On one article, I made an exception:

New blog on the kid : Une table peut-être évitable ou contournable?*

I noticed back in late 2015 when writing that one, that if carbon 14 were added in same quantities pre-Flood as now, in the 2242 years of pre-Flood world, C14 would have risen from 0 to 22,87 percent modern carbon (pmc) last stop before Flood and to 24,54 pmc first stop after Flood. This means material from Flood (or latest time before a depletion before Flood) would date to (about) 14 900 BC, while a Vulgate, King James and Masoretic pre-Flood chronology would land the pmc on between 17,68 and 19,45 by the Flood. Meaning a date with between 14 300 and only 13 550 extra years.

But whether dinos in Europe are contemporary to Neanderthals in Europe or the ones are pre- and the other post-Flood, as the consideration seems to indicate, we can be sure that the pre-Flood remains (if any) dated to 40 000 BP or even 20 000 BP (supposing anything from pre-Flood would date "that recent"), still lack contemporary to them carbon dated civilised remains.

In either case, I think the idea the civilisation was so abhorrent to God that He buried it under lots of mud makes a fairly good explanation.

So, if you are looking for Henoch in Nod East of Eden, you might try to dig some under Mount Everest - not that it would be a very good thing to do. I think that is perhaps best left alone. Another option would of course be in the waters surrounding India, or perhaps Persian gulf.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Saturday of First Passion Week

Update, Palm Sunday : On palaeocritti site I found that Pakistan or parts must have been under water previous to Flood. Not true for Balochistan, where land animals are found, but true for Kuldana Formation, Kohat Formation, Habib Rahi Formation, Domanda Formation, and Drazinda Formation. Though the last could also be coastal area./HGL (Link.)

* The credits to the site given for calculating carbon dates per percentages or inverse is by now still due as a gratitude, but no longer helpful to others wanting to use it, since the site is down. Use instead :, which expands to:

Carbon 14 Dating Calculator

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