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These Footprints Look Human to Me?

Isn't There a Geological Column in Laetoli, and Aren't the Footprints Proof of Human Ancestors? · Human Ancestor or Human during Flood? · These Footprints Look Human to Me?

I am linking to article with the image, not showing it:

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Ancient human ancestor was one tall dude, his footprints say
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He seems, according to article, to have been 5 foot 5. To judge from footprints

Lucy or AL 288-1 was by contrast 3 foot 7.

He walked on feet (obvious very directly from footprints) - creationists have pointed out that Lucy had bone structure of fingers like a knucklewalker. She also has no preserved feet.

So, why is he supposed to have been of same kind as AL 288-1?

Why is he therefore supposed to have had a skull the size of that of AL 288-1?

Well, the dating game is one explanation. Both the AL 288-1 skeleton and he are above lava levels about 3.7 million years old, as per K-Ar, as per Potassium-Argon dating. AL 288-1 left no footprints. He left no skeleton - at least none dated by the lava under it. Hence her skeleton and his footprints are supposed to complement each other.

Another one : evolutionist assumptions. Even with dates as they are seen by those believing in K-Ar dating, one could have concluded she was an ape and the walker was human. Except that on evolutionist assumptions, apes and men must share common ancestry, this one being closer to apes, and therefore man's supposed evolution must be starting by something apelike - which Lucy or AL 288-1 is providing.

But the dating game comes to the rescue of this science.

"Oh, we cannot suppose there was anything looking more human than Lucy just from footprints, not if there are a million and a half years until we find such things. Therefore we must conclude footprints come from sth like Lucy until further evidence shows up."

Note, earlier footprints had been found at Laetoli, which came from smaller individuals than this recent find.

The smaller one seems to have been nearly as small as Lucy. Checkng wiki for the more classic Laetoli footprints:

 hominin 1 hominin 2
length of footprint 21.5 cm 18.5 cm
width of footprint 10 cm 8.8 cm
length of pace 47.2 cm 28.7 cm
reconstructed body-size 1.34-1.56 m 1.15-1.34 m

These hominins seem to have had human feet, unlike what can be verified (nothing) or predicted from knuckles (opposite) of Lucy.

And the new footprints are found just 160 yards (150 meters) away.

Well, duh, if I were 5 ft 5 or my own size, somewhat higher, and had relatives 3 ft 9 to 5 ft 1 tall, perhaps I would also prefer having them within a range of 160 yards!

The real solution to the Laetoli footprints is not that they are adult relatives of Lucy, but child and not full grown teen relatives of the person who left the newly discovered ones!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
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