vendredi 27 octobre 2017

The Carbon Related Question, Update

Trying to Get a Carbon Related Question Answered · The Carbon Related Question, Update · Things Could Get a Bit Complicated with Carbon Question

As you can see on the previous post, which has been updated, I made three tries to get this question answered.

None of them got me any answer.

My own answer is, I suppose the relationship is linear, which means that with 11 times as fast carbon production you got 11 times as many milliSieverts from cosmic radiation.


And 4.29 per year is of course within the kind of total background radiations you find on Earth today.

I am of course biassed, since if I had had to multiply by eleven squared to get the milliSievers, during the buildup in Babel event, we would have been very bad off:


I think 47.19 milliSievert per year would have been too much for us. It is nearly five times one of the highest local total background radiations.

But then, at no time do I suppose the speed of new carbon was 121 times as fast, at Babel it was 11 times as fast, sometimes (before Babel) perhaps a bit faster than that. And, as I have, if not confirmed, at least not refuted when giving opportunity, the milliSievert per year go by linear proportion, not by squared in relation to carbon 14 production.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Vigil of Sts Simon and Jude

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