mardi 3 octobre 2017

CMI Strays into Protestant Hagiography Today (part 1 of series)

It is funny that Russell Grigg takes an eminent occasion of Catholic hagiography - the Story of a Soul, by St Thérèse of the Child Jesus - to laud with partiality and dishonesty against Catholicism, the greatest "saint" of Protestants. And Orthodox are not giving even the three "defenders of Orthodoxy" (Photius, Palamas and Mark of Ephesus) a comparable prominence, though they serve a similar purpose.

I might link later, but this is just a one shot against one aspect. Luther is quoted as saying:

Luther also wrote an essay against monastic vows: that they were not instituted by Christ and had no scriptural basis, so were futile in attaining justification or assurance of salvation. They sanctified the monastic order instead of sanctifying God, and they portrayed Him as a severe taskmaster rather than as a loving father.

You know, St Therese and St Bridge of Sweden had a very different opinion on that one. If most monks and nuns remain faithful, and if you really want to know how monastic vows work out in practise, it might be an idea to go to those faithful to their vows, not to those rare ones who broke them, like Luther. Oh, he was absolved from vow of obedience, but not those of poverty and chastity.

Why doesn't he quote other writings by Luther in which he admits having faked translation at Luke 1:28 and Romans 3:28?

Here is Luther's Sendbrief vom Dolmetschen :

Mgr. Radim Sochorek : Martin Luther: Sendbrief vom Dolmetschen

Here is St Therese' L'Histoire d'une âme:

( D'après les manuscrits originaux ) Janvier 1895

("Histoire d'une Ame", La Vocation de l'Amour, La miséricorde, l'ascenseur Divin.)

It should be added, just because I am defending monastic vows doesn't mean I made any myself. This means, if any Protestant imagines to be helping me toward marriage by prompting me to "return to Protestantism" as to a home, as to a place of kindness, this is wrong, and attempts to delay my marriage as a Catholic, i e up to any return to Protestantism, are simply and up to now, part of what I presume has been delaying my marriage, has been costing me girl after girl I had hoped to marry, for so many years, and I am already 49.

I might have more to add later against this straying off the usual fare on an otherwise good creationist site, and will, if so, link to Russell there.

For now, I wish a happy feast of St Thérèse!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Therese, as mentioned

Is now continued on Great Bishop of Geneva! : What Luther Got Wrong More (pt 2 of series)

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