vendredi 3 août 2018

How Thick is the Pointer, Not Where on the Scale Do You Put It ...

I had a discussion (very briefly) with a JW, about Mark 10:6.

He said, Jesus was not putting the "pointer" at Genesis 1:1, since Adam and Eve were created six days later.

This presupposes that the "pointer" is razor sharp at a nano-second. But Adam and Eve were not created same nano-second, there were hours between. So, the pointer is not nano-second sharp.

In fact, the six days beginning at Genesis 1:1 and including creation of Adam and Eve are even so a very narrow and razor sharp "pointer" if we consider the 5229 years between them and the words of Christ.

They are 1,909,853 days and divide that by six ... the "scale" is 318,309 times broader than the "pointer", which makes it razor sharp enough.

So, pointer definitely includes Genesis 1:1 - but Old Earth makes the "pointer" much thicker than the "scale"./HGL

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