dimanche 5 août 2018

Mechanism of Relative Correctness on Lava Layers ... Proposed

It is not withdrawn. Yet.

In a video by Dr.Grady McMurtry, at 7:11, I see a graph on the screen behind the doctor talking.

Text on graph:

1801, the Hualalai Volcano, Hawaii, Lava flow went to the Ocean Floor.

0.8 miles (1.3 km) deep, K-Ar 0 million

2 miles (3.2 km) deep, K-Ar 12 million

2.6 miles (4.2 km) deep, K-Ar 21 million

I propose, the deeper down lava flowed, the cooler it got; the cooler it got, the quicker the lava solidified; the quicker lava solidified, the more Argon got trapped instead of leaking out AND therefore, the older it is dated.

So, if in Laetoli the lower lava layers are older than the upper ones, in dating, it is because the upper ones were laid down in a shallower sea with water somewhat already heated by previous lava flows ... still, during Flood, the streams would be so fast that water would cool much better and 0.8 miles deep would not be absolutely needed to get the K-Ar dates above and below for instance the recent footprints (recently discovered, not saying the Flood was recent, when the footprints were made).

If Obama was seriously born on Hawaii, how come he has no clue about this creationist argument? He seems to be still promoting old age and evolution, right?

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris I
XI Sunday after Pentecost

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