jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Funny fact on visit stats last week:

 top ten visiting countriesvisitstop ten visited messagesvisits
1)USA42Kent Hovind, Dear Sir!21
2)France27AronRa, did I mention you are worthless on history?8
3)China13On Reading The Greatest Show by Dawkins - Parts of it!7
4)Russia13thunderf00t ... did you actually say that? (part 1)*6
5)United Arab Emirates6Lost In Translation6
6)Saudi Arabia6Have "Humans Interbred with Neanderthals and Denisovans"?6
7)Germany5Funny How Some Systematically Answer the Wrong Questions5
8)Taiwan3Verifiable Does Not Equal Material and Natural5
9)Canada2Overlooked in Previous, about Dawkins' The Greatest Show on Earth3
10)Indian Union2Was St. Jerome Calling Genesis a Myth, and if so in what sense?3

Another funny thing:

As you noticed, two Islamic Countries are pretty high among top ten visitors. And the funny fact is that one Muslim whom I know by sight and name and dislike at an association, when he stepped in to the place where I was sitting was praying diverse prayers in Arabic as if he was afraid of something.

I walked away because I dislike him, and because I suspect him of being an undercover shrink onto my case. Now, why would I be seing from shrinks who go undercover? Well, perhaps they know very well what I think of their profession. Perhaps they know very well how little I would respect their professional authority if put in a tight place by them as well as the fact that I am not a pacifist.

Of course, this time it could be mere coincidence. So could each of the other times I have seen him. He could very well not be a shrink, just happen to give me the same rattle snake impression that shrinks do give me.

I did not attack him (in case that was what he was afraid of), but I walked away very quickly without saying hello to him.

But you must agree that the stats from six of the ten countries are a pretty funny fact. US and Canada, France and Germany are a bit like home to me. The other countries are not. Which does in turn not mean I would want to block people in these countries from reading either.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BpI, Georges Pompidou
St Albert the Great

*Parts beyond 1 are not written yet, but I plan to go through all of thunderf00t's series.

Here are same stats (about an hour later a week ago to an hour later today) from other blog:

top ten visiting countriesvisitstop ten visited messagesvisits
1)United States99Sects, Historical Critical Method, Post-Confessional Christianity23
2)France47Mater et Magistra Ecclesiarum22
3)Netherlands46A Christian Also Could Say: ...17
4)Ukraine21On Polish and Church Slavonic14
5)Sweden15Linguistics for Romanides: Greek, Latin, Patois12
6)Germany12"Afin d'inciter à une croisade", Golias?11
7)Algeria3St Augustine was a Geocentric ... in face of what, Mr. Sungenis?9
8)Poland3Tradition versus Protestantism8
9)Russia3Qui fut Dom Gaston Aubourg - et qui sauva Bayeux?5
10)Belgium2Difficultés entre l'allemand et le français5
pages: 1 b)Huius Autoris Bloggi6
2 b)Misunderstanding Begging (Some Cultural History of, Blog Theme Obliging) and This Beggar4
3 b)"filolohika"?2
4 b)Answering a Muslim who asked "If Jesus was [=is] GOD ..."2

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