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Neither Eve Nor Christ Transgender

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A somewhat befuddled woman considers Eve had exact same genome as Adam and Christ exact same genome as the Blessed Virgin.

I'd suggest something different.

The teaching of the church from ancient days through today is that Jesus received his fleshly self from Mary. The church also teaches that Jesus is the new Adam, born of the new Eve.

Now Eve is a fascinating creature for many reasons. The Bible tells us she is the first example of human cloning, which I touched on in this post. But the fun doesn’t stop there. If we take the Genesis account in it’s literal meaning, as conservative Christians demand that we do, she is also the first case of a transgender woman. God reached into Adam, pulled out a bit of rib bone, and grew Eve from that XY DNA into Adam’s companion. She was created genetically male, and yet trans-formed into woman.

Then along comes Jesus and the whole pattern is both repeated and reversed. The first couple’s refusal to cooperate is turned around by Mary’s yes, and the second act of cloning occurs. The Holy Spirit comes upon the second Eve, and the child takes flesh from her and is born. Born of her flesh. Born with XX chromosome pairing. Born genetically female, and yet trans-formed into man.

Quoted via : NowTheEndBegins : Huffington Post Blasphemously Declares That Jesus Christ Is The ‘First Transgender Man’

The solution is pretty simple, neither Eve nor Christ were genetically identic clones, but both differed by a Y chromosome.

Possibly angels were guarding the Y chromosome of Adam which was not kept in Eve's genome (or one item, presumably several genomes there in that rib) and giving it to God so He could give the exact same Y chromosome to Jesus Christ, as new Adam. Anyway, Eve differed by being XX instead of XY, and that means the Y was taken away and X doubled to XX.

And in Christ's case, one may suppose the Blessed Virgin had two identical X chromosomes, and one item of them was kept, the other replaced by a Y.

So, Eve was not genetically male, Christ was not genetically female.

Neither of them was transgender. Neither of them was any kind of counterexample to the words of Christ in Mark 10:6.

But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female.

Not male and semifemale/semimale.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Felix I, Pope and Martyr

PS, the site I am quoting is not linking to original post. As far as I can see. It is however describing the author as "if saved at all, a Laodicea type" or words of that effect. As coming from part time Lutheran state Church, I'd say she is simply a modernist. Which of course equates with apostate./HGL

PPS, I am sorry I did not look very sharply. They did link:

H : THE BLOG Jesus: The First Transgender Man
05/18/2016 02:45 pm ET | Updated May 18, 2016
by Suzanne DeWitt Hall

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  1. My post was meant to be a satirical look at literalist interpretation of scripture when used to deny various groups rights. But I LOVE your own pondering of God's miraculous HOW through the involvement of angels! Thanks for inviting me to view your post.

  2. You are welcome, I don't see any reason to be satirical about literal interpretation.

    Here is one on throwing bread on waters:

    Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Beer and Bible

    And I saw one more similar error on your H : Blog.

    On to next!