samedi 25 février 2017

I have been Sometimes Suspected of Seeing the Universe as a Simulation

CMI today* was referring to a conference about this idea.

Interestingly, several panellists pointed out that the designer of such a simulation, being outside and above the simulation, parallels the idea of God. As secularists, though, most panellists preferred to think of some ‘teenage hacker’ having fun on his ‘computer’.

OK, they picture God as an otaku, creating us because He needs company.

How about three guys discussing what they could create, deciding that though they can all recognise each other as different persons while sharing one being without any kind of body, bodies would nevertheless be a good idea for any** guys (and gals) they chose to "simulate"?

The "having fun" part is not necessarily wrong.

The "computer part" is.

A bit more seriously, a Platonist, and Christians like St Jerome and John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in Aiunulindale, could say that the primary world with any created persons in it was a spiritual one, and the material one was a simulation of the spiritual one, of realities in it.

And God gave that simulation reality.

However, the reasons for which some people consider me as "seeing the universe as a simulation" are a bit different.

I believe angels are moving stars and planets and other celestial bodies (more down to earth : angels and demons are moving winds and waves). This has ticked off some people, more familiar with Newtono-Einsteinian theories of astrophysics as constituting an accusation against God and angels of simulating what they see when it doesn't exist.

I don't think the star light is simulated. I don't think 13.5 billion light years is what they actually see, it is what they conclude. I think their powers of conclusion have been stuck in a rut by the routine of always explaining everything as vectors and as mathematics.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Holy Egyptian Martyrs
Victorine, Victor, Nicephore
and Companions***

Update : Shaun Doyle claims that cognitive diseases like - he listed Alzheimer and schizophrenia - involve sense and memory being fooled. In fact, most cases diagnosed as schizophrenia do not have this cognitive disorder in any marked way, and the symptom most readily pretending to such is "auditive hallucinations" which are readily reported just because lonely people speak out to absent people. And you wouldn't believe how easy it is to get stamped as having a linguistic distortion, which is also among the symptoms./HGL

* CMI : Is the universe a simulation?
by Shaun Doyle on a feedback

** Supposing angels have some kind of bodies, like aethereal ones. Some Church Fathers taught this. If they are really incorporeal, they have other ways of showing each other that the thoughts of one are not identic in substance, though in content, at times, to those of another.

*** In Aegypto natalis sanctorum Martyrum Victorini, Victoris, Nicephori, Claudiani, Dioscori, Serapionis et Papiae, sub Numeriano Imperatore. Horum duo primi, pro confessione fidei, exquisita suppliciorum genera constanter passi, capite plectuntur; Nicephorus, post craticulas candentes ignesque superatos, minutatim concisus est; Claudianus et Dioscorus flammis incensi; Serapion vero et Papias gladio caesi sunt.

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  1. You are right, as always. I can also add to those who believe in simulation, that no matter what the live on Earth means, we must remain good people till the end. There are no excuses for a bad behavior!!!!