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Just Listening to WLC

1) Human population after Noah, racial and demographic pseudoproblems for creationism, 2)a) Have "Humans Interbred with Neanderthals and Denisovans"? b) Just Listening to WLC, 3) Sorry, Duursma, but all languages have the cases of Proto-Indoeuropean, there is no primitive language ... (which is on Φιλολoγικά/Philologica blog), 4) After Flood and Babel : Was There a PIE Unity?, 5) Chiara Bozzone on Caland System - Short Review, Trubetskoyan Comment (which is again on Φιλολoγικά/Philologica blog)

I respect his Thomistic stance on proving God, I took him for a Catholic (he had spoken at Notre Dame too), and tried to reprove him for saying that non-creationist thing by mentioning he goes against the Council of Trent and the part about interpreting the Bible according to all Church Fathers where they agree.

Now, he is not a Catholic, so even if he agrees, as he should all Church Fathers were Young Earth Creationists, even the one or two who were not Six-Literal-Day Creationists, it doesn't bother him any more than saying the passage about the King of Babylon might not be referring to Satan ... even if all Church Fathers thought it was ... would bother some.

However, I just heard him say "this proves that Neanderthals and humans had a relationship".

Bingo! Next thing you know, you might discover that Pompeians and Italians have a relationship! It's just that Pompeians caught in the lava are Italians who lived very long ago.

Seriously, us being related to Neanderthals does not prove any kind of evolutionary process from them as a non-human species to us as humanity. It proves there is sth wrong with restricting human to "modern Homo Sapiens" if Neanderthals were also human and descended from Adam and Eve./HGL

Update, he also said Adam and Eve could have born the imprint of these earlier life forms - i e, he is willing to make Cro Magnon or Homo Sapiens Sapiens pre-Adamites interbreed with Homo (Sapiens) Neanderthalensis and Adam and Eve descending from this ... no, it's Neanderthals who descend from them. Why? Not all humans alive today have typical Neanderthal genes, some have more than the rest. This fits with them appearing as a race for instance pre-Flood, and only one daughter in law of Noah having Neanderthal ancestry. But that means they descend from Adam, not Adam from them./HGL

"Trying to integrate what we learn from the Bible with the world view of modern science."

I prefer trying to integrate what we can really learn from modern science at certain points with the world view of the Bible and the Fathers and the Scholastics, thank you!/HGL

"If that's what he* means by Creationism, then we should not teach it to our children."

This is so both unsolidaric and backstabbing, and so inconsistent with what he just said about not foisting a particular view of creation on unbelievers when evangelising.

He said discussing how to integrate science and Bible is an in-house project, unbelievers should be welcomed on basis of accepting core doctrines (he has not explained how divinity of Christ is consistent with Old Earth views in view of Mark 10:6), and so to say be free to pick and chose within that in-house project once in.

What he is doing is inviting unbelievers to pick on Young Earth Creationists even before they convert. Saying YEC should not be educating their children (and that is what words like his mean where CPS have too much power, as in Norway, for instance, or perhaps Texas too, though they seem unlikely to take up that idea) is picking on them./HGL

"I think we should teach them the controversy."

Sounds better. Most YECs do that. But incomplete if you can't say what you consider is the truth. And as unfamiliar as he is with YEC positions, he is in a worse position than they of actually teaching the controversy as it is ongoing./HGL

[Interviewer] "The Bible does not impose six twentyfour hour days, from the language ..."

If "day" means "thousand years" in Genesis 1, where do the evenings and mornings come in? If it means "one moments, same moment all days, these being diverse angelic views of aspects of same complex act" as in St Augustine, St Augustine had an idea of what "evening" and "morning" meant in terms of angelic response to God's act. And, of course, Mark 10:6 might have slipped your attention - and WLC's?/HGL

William Lane Craig: Young Earth Creationism is Embarrassing**
Theology, Philosophy and Science

* Bill Nye ** I did in fact not hear WLC utter these words, they might reflect more of the sentiment of the interviewer.

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