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Is ICR Making a Case for Geocentrism? · Setterfield

I think that Setterfield is doing a mistake, much like Habermehl, in taking all of the timeline of Uniformitarian Prehistory as a timeline to telescope onto the Biblical one.

While Carbon 14 is definitely telescopable, I think K-Ar (Potassium 40 - Argon 40) is more depending in how long lava was exposed to fresh air between flowing and solidifying, than on how far back it happened, since the factor I mention can be relevant for "excess carbon".

This means K-Ar timeline should not telescope to a prolongation behind the Carbon 14 one, but simply collapse to a non-timeline, and same with Geological time as Biostratigraphy.

Setterfield does not think so, if you want to take a look at his results, here they are:

© Barry Setterfield, September 1999

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Time, Life and Man

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© Barry Setterfield, September 1999

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His take is that excess dating years come from a decreased speed of light, meaning that all radioactive processes were much quicker before and that distant starlight problem is no problem.

My takes are, with same speed of light:

  • Geological biostrata : diverse biotopes at Flood.
  • Geocentrism takes care of Distant Starlight (see previous)
  • K-Ar : excess argon.
  • U-Pb / Th-Pb : excess lead.
  • Other radiometric : I don't know.
  • Except :
  • Carbon 14 : rising carbon level.
  • Possibly thermoluminiscence : calibrated by C14 erroneous due to rising carbon level.

The ones I specialise in are in bold, the non-astronomical ones in several posts on this blog and the astronomical one on several posts on main blogs (successive such), occasionally here too.

So, for Babel, this means I am placing Babel at Göbekli Tepe, Setterfield at Permian extinction event.

For my part, I think Permian fossils are from Flood, from certain biotopes. As readers of the blog will know, if long time such.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
First Saturday in Pentecost Novena

PS : also like Habermehl, he is very correct in using LXX, not Masoretic./HGL

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