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Tas Walker and Myself on C14 : Glacial Maximum and End

Tas Walker and Myself on C14 : Glacial Maximum and End · Interim III, Flood to Abraham with Syncellus · Continuing Interim III to Joseph in Egypt · Comparing Three Roads from Seven Cows to Seven Trumpets

You know the remark how Schubert said about Beethoven, it is like hearing and feeling a giant breathing behind your neck, well, that is how I feel at times about Tasman Bruce Walker.

Today he gave a preliminary for his view of how uniformitarian dates recalibrate to Biblical ones, and I feel somewhat challenged.

Here is my response, linking to his post and giving first his results before mine in the table which follows:

A preliminary age calibration for the post-glacial-maximum period
by Tas Walker

While he is concerned with all uniformitarian dates, I am specifically concerned with carbon dates - and the other ones only insofar as they can be presumed to coincide with these, since my hobby horse is "carbon 14 levels have been rising"./HGL


Secular / Carbon?
Point Secular / Carbon BP Biblical Date BP Calibration factor
Secular Dates
Present time 0 0 1
End of Ice Age 7000 3800 0.5429
Ice Age Maximum 22000 4000 0.1818
Carbon Dates
Present time 0 0 1
500 BC 2500 2500 1
"End of Ice Age"* 7000 4293 BP - 4562 BP 0.6133 - 0.6517
"End of Ice Age"** 7000 (3648 BP - 3675 BP) (0.5211 - 0.525)
"Ice Age Maximum"* 22000 4885 BP - 5234 BP 0.222 - 0.2379
"Ice Age Maximum"** 22000 (4068 BP - 4354 BP) (0.1849 - 0.1979)
Flood CMI*** 20 - 50 000 4400 - 4500 BP 0.088 - 0.225
Flood me/St. Jer. 37 000 4974 BP 0.1344
Flood me/Syncel. 37 000 5275 BP 0.1426


* Note, I have never myself tried to figure out Biblical dates corresponding to End of Ice Age or Ice Age Maximum per se. That is Tas Walker's terminology and that of the Evolutionists.

I have however tried curves in order to correspond such and such years via presumable pmc level rise - with several tables differing among them. This means I can give my own view of Biblical timeline for those years, I will even include views not my own, such as Ussher timeline or Jewish chronology timeline. The latter however not for 500 BC, where I suppose they have too short a time of the Second Temple, as I suppose most other Christians agree with.

I have for this post gone through my tables and taken extremes for both own and parenthetic values, and if seeing an older or more recent value only than previous, replacing it for the orevious extreme.

** The Ussher / Jewish chronologies which I do not subscribe to are given here in parentheses.

*** Not specifically Tas Walker, but someone else commenting on where Flood fossils date in C14 - Oard?

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