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Graham Hancock had sth to Say on Göbekli Tepe

Creation vs. Evolution : 1) Henry Makow wrong about OT · 2) Graham Hancock had sth to Say on Göbekli Tepe · Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : 3) Stonehenge and Göbekli Tepe?

Never mind he misspells it Gobekli Tepe. Here is the link:

Gobekli Tepe image on Sumerian tablet?
Graham Hancock | Published 17th May 2016

And I will be giving two quotes on dates, and comment as per my recalibration of C14 method.

Gobekli Tepe itself was founded around 9600 BC and deliberately buried about a thousand years later after which it remained completely unknown and untouched by later cultures until the excavations of the German Archaeological Institute began in the second half of the 1990’s.

9600 BC - 8600 BC - Carbon dates, I presume? I'll use my Fibonacci table*.

2778 av. J.-Chr.
40,23593 % + 7550 ans, 10 328 av. J.-Chr.
2599 av. J.-Chr.
62,75068 % + 3850 ans, 6449 av. J.-Chr.

0179 real years appear as

03879 carbon dated years

3879:1000 = c. 4.

179:x = 4?

179 = 4x
179:4 = 4x:4
45 = x

So, was GT perhaps on stage for 45 years? Or were earliest times of it not recorded by any organic remains from them? Strictly non-organic ones can't be carbon dated.

Early Sumerian tablet discovered by Madeleine Daines ... Uruk V (3500 - 3350 BC), five thousand years after etc. [I am assuming pictorial accuracy is good enough, comparably to the usual standard on such tablets. It is not all like but not all unlike, but rather blurred on tablet.]

8600 BC to 3500 BC. Still Carbon dates, I presume.

2778 av. J.-Chr.
40,23593 % + 7550 ans, 10 328 av. J.-Chr.
2599 av. J.-Chr.
62,75068 % + 3850 ans, 6449 av. J.-Chr.
2420 av. J.-Chr.
76,66562 % + 2200 ans, 4620 av. J.-Chr.
2241 av. J.-Chr.
86,26541 % + 1200 ans, 3441 av. J.-Chr.

0537 real years appear as

06887 carbon dated years

6887:5100 = 1,350392156862745
537:1,350392156862745 = 398 years (rounding off, since years count as units)

So, the tablet was not made 5100 years after they covered GT, but only 398 years after it.

Short enough time to keep a tradition going - especially if GT was, as I presume, a "Cape Canaveral" type Tower of Babel. Especially if its project leader was being elevated to the status of a god in the meantime.

Some things get less mysterious when the time perspective is radically shortened. Precisely as two exoplanets (presumed comparable in size to Earth) having years around their stars of only days become less mystical if both star and planet in each case are closer and smaller.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Luke the Gospeller**

* It is so named because one parameter in deciding the successive additions of C14 to athmosphere, counted along with deterioration in same period (each time from 100% of what is already there to 97.8572%, thirtysecond root of 50%), one of the parameters is multiplied by a Fibonacci series starting c. 2500 years ago and rising back towards Flood. Since 610 is a Fibonacci number, the first rise involves one addition which is 610 times as great as the ones about 2500 years ago. The next one is only 377 times as great and so on. I am sorry, but I forgot the exact details apart from that.

** In Bithynia natalis beati Lucae Evangelistae, qui, multa passus pro Christi nomine, obiit Spiritu Sancto plenus. Ipsius autem ossa postea Constantinopolim translata sunt, et inde Patavium delata.

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