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Supplementary Evidence from Fayetteville, Noah's Ark was Built on Highest Mountain

Fayetteville, NC Flooding 8OCT2016 Kayaking INSIDE a building. Hurricane Matthew
Mark Huneycutt

If you look at the video, someone is kayaking on the rather low Flood (about height of car roofs, so far) in Fayetteville.

IF the Ark, a lot bulkier than this kayak, had been running into snags that often, it would arguably have got a hole and sunk.

How was God avoiding this?

Well, God had probably told or inspired Noah (or directed him by providential placing of whereabouts of building) to start building precisely on the highest mountain.

This way, once the Ark was floating it was not running into any snags that were stuck in the ground below the sea.

And of course, this allowed Noah to make an accurate measure about how high waters were over that Highest Mountain (as well as the rest) when he was floating or nearly so.

Genesis 7:[18] For they overflowed exceedingly: and filled all on the face of the earth: and the ark was carried upon the waters. [19] And the waters prevailed beyond measure upon the earth: and all the high mountains under the whole heaven were covered. [20] The water was fifteen cubits higher than the mountains which it covered.

Noah was in measure to measure that - AND Noah's Ark got stuck on no snag. Both are very easy to understand if the Ark was built on one of them.

It would not have been safe to come close enough to one of them to measure height if starting from lower, since it could have stuck the Ark (unless of course the measure was taken from when it was stuck over the mountains of Armenia or just before it got stuck, but that was after waters had started residing, so makes somewhat less sense). And it would also not have been safe to be on the plains when they were flooded, since the objects on them would have jagged up over bottom of ark while still being stuck in ground. But if Noah's Ark was on a mountain, it rested safely there while the plains were being flooded, as now at Fayetteville, and once it floated, all that was stuck in the plains was deep under where the Ark was floating and all that was abreast the Ark was already loosened from bottom. So, whatever flotsam they came across, whatever snag, it would not have been blocked in any way from responding smoothly to contact with the outside of the Ark.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Burchard of Würzburg
and Burial of St Dominic
with the Chainmail

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