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How Fast was Carbon 14 Forming During Babel Event?

How Fast was Carbon 14 Forming During Babel Event? · Ussher compared to St Jerome

On my view the traditional 40 years of the Babel event (starting 5 years after birth of Peleg, and ending in Dispersion of Nations 40 years after that) are the 1000 carbon years of Göbekli Tepe.

Suppose St Jerome's standard for post-Flood patriarchs is LXX without the second Cainan, then Peleg was born 401 years after the Flood, i e 2957 BC and 401 years later is 2556 BC. Babel / GT starts getting built 2551 BC, and 2511 Babel / GT is abandoned unfinished because communication problems make continued collaboration meaningless.

Then 2551 BC dates as 9600 BC, 7049 extra years = 42.626 pmc being original level of carbon in the objects at start of GT.

And 2511 BC dates as 8600 BC, 6089 extra years = 47.875 pmc being original level of carbon at end of GT. In the atmosphere and in the objects, of course.

And 40 years decays 100 to 99.517, and therefore replaces 0.483 pmc normally in our times.

If no new carbon had formed, 42.626 pmc would have sunk to 42.42011642 pmc, we'll say "42.42" for short. In order to maintain level, what needed forming was 0.483 pmc - would actually have landed us on 42.9 pmc, a slight rise, the kind of rise envisaged by the Creationists who say that stable level has not yet been reached.

What instead formed was ... 47.875 pmc - "42.42" pmc = "5.455" pmc.

And "5.455" pmc / 0.483 pmc = "11.29". So, carbon was forming 11 times faster then as compared to now.

This would mean that the annual radiation dose from cosmos on atmosphere would have been at ground level "11.29" times larger than the normal dose today, 0.39 milliSieverts per year, thus adding up to "4.4" milliSiverts per year - a little larger part of cosmic radiation than today the total background radiation on average on Earth, but smaller than background radiation in for instance Princeton.

This is clearly feasible. I am not entering too much into causation - magnetic field and solar activity both ultimately obey God - but the radiation dose would not have killed off humanity and mammals.

Hans Georg Lundahl
St. Ignatius of Loyola

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