mardi 18 juillet 2017

Excursus on Previous

I forgot to give Biblical dates for Graham Hancock's beginning of Younger Dryas:

My Syncellus table gives for 10800 BC this span:

XIII 2865 BC
33.994 pmc 11 785 BC

Shem +
2858 BC

Peleg *
2829 BC

XIV 2824 BC
44.057 pmc 9600 BC

Interim II and St Jerome A:

iij 2820 BC
33.849 pmc, 8950 years +, 11 770 BC
iu 2751 BC
45.062 pmc, 6600 years +, 9351 BC


III 2778 BC
35.648 % = + 8550 years, 11,328 BC
IV 2688 BC
51.849 % = + 5450 years, 8138 BC

St Jerome B nearly pinpoints the year when Young Dryas began, if correct:

2744 BC
37.548 pmc, + 8100 years, 10844 BC

So, Peleg is born when the earth is divided. Arguably, Younger Dryas did isolate Americas geographically from Old World. If Nimrod was counting on Uranium from the mines at present used in Canada, he could spend all forty years the project according to a tradition actually went on, and still get no Uranium.

In my view, of course, there were minor colonies previous to Göbekli Tepe / Tower of Babel, but one could also consider them as expedition forces. And Younger Dryas cut the Palaeo-Indian ones very effectivly off from Old World, as well as reducing them.

As you may note, the Biblical dates and the carbon 14 level in atmosphere differ. How many extra years an object "had for free" because of lower carbon content, depends on how much the carbon content was. This means that one can play around with different carbon levels for any given carbon dating. Obviously, those who stick to a carbon level of 100 % of the "70 tons" in our atmosphere back anytime after 100,000 BP will consider the carbon date was the real date or close enough, i e 12800 years ago, and I obviously disagree.

Hans Georg Lundahl
ut supra
(vel sicut in bloggo, ut infra)

PS 11600 years ago "and that is the date which Plato gave for the destruction of Atlantis".

Which he had himself received from Egyptian priests, I think via Solon. Satan was well aware of the carbon rise, God had probably allowed him to know what the carbon dates would be and when they would be made, so Satan could adapt the fake Egyptian date for Atlantis falling to the carbon date of end of Younger Dryas./HGL

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