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What I Owe and Don't Owe Kent Hovind

I have been Asked if Kent Hovind didn't have Talmudic Positions? · What I Owe and Don't Owe Kent Hovind

I hope no one has presented me as plagiarising Kent Hovind.

For one thing, he has wavered copy-right, several times over said his material is not copy-righted, and encouraged to "chew the meat and spit the bones", take whatever one wants to and skip the rest.

This would mean, if I were repackaging Kent Hovind's YEC for Conservative Catholics, I would be within my rights - at least as long as I took the material from Dr Dino, his original pre-prison site on which those conditions applied.

Now, that is not what I am doing, or I would not be referring so much to him. Or to CMI.

I am not plagiarising, because I am going beyond and I am commenting on things.

I am also not simply a dupe of either him or them. If I were, what has their gain been, I have sent them no money? If my blogs are not all that widely read ... but you might want to check out this :

New blog on the kid : Russian Readers Leading, Again!

Sixth of July, my viewer stats over 37 blogs were soaring and 7th, I had to make an update saying they had dropped, the Russian readers had scurried away like woodlice when a door opens and there is light. So ... if my blogs are not all that widely read, I am not giving them very many readers either.

But more, I contradict them on some items (being a Geocentric which neither he is nor they are, being a Catholic, which neither he is nor they are, using a LXX based Chronology, which neither he does nor they at least usually do, though they note it in connection with question what the outer limits of a Biblical chronology are). And I find arguments which either they had not found or not examined as greatly. Or in same ways as I.

One great example is of course carbon dating. Some on the RATE project for ICR have been studying this (Baumgartner), some on CMI (or one at least), Tas Walker, has done work closely parallel to mine, and we are both recent pioneers on that work.

Here is a post in which I give both Tas' and my own results, in parallel:

Tas Walker and Myself on C14 : Glacial Maximum and End

And I continue on the trace I am pursuing in the following posts of that series. Wishing him the best on his pursuit, which is parallel but not identical. He is directly trying to tie glacial maximum to either Job or such or such a time before Job, and I am only indirectly concerned with Younger Dryas insofar as its geological and partly carbon dated era coincide with the archaeological and partly carbon dated era of Göbekli Tepe, which I am identifying with the city in the plains of Shinar (yes, GT and Edessa / Venerable Urfa are both in plains rather than clear mountain land, yes, they are both East of Euphrates ... and not very far East of it ... and West of Tigris, yes, the Bible says they ceased to build the City and GT was not just abandoned, but covered over with sand ... finally, it's great for a rocket ramp, or might seem so to an amateur, and Biblical description of tower would fit a rocketry project. Not meaning the rocketry would have worked properly if there had been an attempted take off then, but meaning that could have been what they projected and what God finally allowed their successors in Cape Canaveral and Baykonoor.

Henry Makow wrong about OT

Also, contrary to both Ziggurat of Ur (Woolley's Ur, not Urfa) and Nebuchadnezzar II's tower project recently discovered (and clearly misidentified with Tower of Babel*), GT and older have no traces of written languages being diverse, or other than Hebrew, which St Augustine considers the first language (see De Civitate Dei, book 16, chapter 11).

As I mentioned St Augustine, in chapter 4 of same book, he identifies Babel with Babylon. This would rule out GT, unless we take the identification to be a moral and political one rather than a strictly geographic one. Babylon is the original Babel (in Göbekli Tepe) like Rome is Teucrian or Dardanian, via Aeneas continuing those parts of Trojan region there. Babylon is the original Babel, because it has the same leadership as the original Babel, moving from GT to Edessa, from Edessa or Urfa to Ur, from Ur to Babylon which is on Euphrates itself.

But at Babylon on Euphrates we have not found any trace of a city old enough to have been speaking unwritten Hebrew rather than cuneiform Sumerian and Akkadian (which latter language is related to Hebrew).

My next co-temporality has nothing to do with geology at all, but takes a cue from Chalcolithic En Geddi being contemporary with Genesis 14 in a time when Abraham would have been around 80 years.

My source for Chalcolithic En-Geddi being mentioned in Genesis 14:

The Times of Abraham
By Dr A.J.M. Osgood

He therein refers to two passages of the Bible in this beautiful passage:

As is often the case, the positive clue comes from the most insignificant portion of this passage. In Genesis 14:7 we are told that the kings of Mesapotamia attacked ‘the Amorites who dwelt in Hazezon-tamar’. Now 2 Chronicles 20:2 tells us that Hazezon-tamar is En-gedi, the oasis mentioned in Scripture a number of times on the western shore of the Dead Sea.

The passage in Genesis chapter 14, therefore, allows us to conclude that in the days of Abraham there was a civilization in En-gedi on the western shore of the Dead Sea, a civilization of Amorites, and that these were defeated by Chedorlaomer in his passage northward.

And if he had been into recalibrating rather than ditching carbon dating, he would have been doing my work for me, but since he is into ditching rather than recalibrating, it is I who am drawing out conclusions for carbon dating:

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Osgood and the Dating of Abraham? And I am Wrong on Fibonacci Table

But the other table I mentioned in that one, the Fibonacci table, is in this French post:

New blog on the kid : Avec un peu d'aide de Fibonacci ... j'ai une table, presque correcte
Saturday, 31 October 2015

Which is part of a series, which I began after being challenged on the more general creationist idea of a carbon rise.

I had that idea back at age 12 from a book by Edgar Andrews called From Nothing to Nature, I used a page on Dr Dino several times over as reference (when challenged for one) for this idea, and both Andrews and Hovind only went as far as to say that things carbon dated to beyond Biblical chronology lived in an atmosphere with less carbon 14.

Now, this idea was challenged by some students who had offered me both beer and conversation on campus ground after closing of the University Library in Nanterre.

They said such a rise in carbon 14 could only happen by a nuke disaster or so much solar activity that only spiders would survive the radiation.

I went on to show the carbon rise would indeed involve carbon 14 forming quicker than now, but the cosmic rays would be on a scale of within 20 times present cosmic radiation - which is more then European total background radiation, closer to to that in Princeton.

This means I refuted these students - who never showed up again to converse on the subject. Probably whatever professor they had been citing still goes on to say the creationist idea of a carbon rise contradicts life going on, even if I refuted it back then in 2015.

Incidentally, in doing so, I used LXX chronology, that of the Roman Martyrology. I am less sure if Kent Hovind's chronology (based on Masoretic or King James) could also do the trick. But that is up to him.

In either case, having gone so far beyond what Kent Hovind could give, one can at least no longer consider me his dupe anymore than one could consider me as plagiarising him when I used the general idea of a carbon rise (and used Dr Dino as explicit reference, giving the due credits) in debate after debate.

I most certainly do owe him thanks for many good times. Sometimes I have been so lonely, that hearing him in a lesson or debate on youtube has been keeping me company as if in prison.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Pius I

* Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... on Misidentification of Tower of Babel

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