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Is Graham Hancock Right on Göbekli Tepe?

I am listening to him right now.*

"6000 years older than any other known megalithic structure"

Well, these reduce pretty nicely in my carbon tables.

Continuing Interim III to Joseph in Egypt (Syncellus)

Peleg *
2829 BC

XIV 2824 BC
44.057 pmc 9600 BC

Arphaxad +
2791 BC

XV 2780 BC
49.459 pmc 8600 BC

Cainan +
2763 BC


XXX 2170 BC
86.955 pmc : 3325 BC

Terah +
2153 BC

XXXI 2131 BC
87.34 pmc : 3250 BC

9600 BC - 3250 BC = real time 2824 BC to 2131 BC.

Interim II St Jerome A / St Jerome Fibonacci

iu 2751 BC
45.062 pmc, 6600 years +, 9351 BC


xuij / XIII 1883 BC
84.35 %, + 1400 years, 3283 BC

9351 BC - 3283 BC reduces to real time 2751 BC to 1883 BC

Flood to Abraham, St Jerome B

2637 BC
43.262 pmc, + 6950 years, 9587 BC


2424 BC
47.374 pmc, + 6200 years, 8624 BC


1928 BC
83.689 pmc, + 1450 years, 3378 BC

9587 BC - 3378 BC = real time 2637 BC - 1928 BC

Seven centuries minus seven years for the sixthousand years he thinks of. Or a bit more according to St Jerome B. Or even 868 according to St Jerome A.

"It just suddenly appears in the human record"

For evolutionists, yes.

For Christians, 2824 BC (Syncellus beginning of Babel = in my view of GT) was 534 years after a Flood**, which indeed wiped off the Nodian civilisation, but not all the knowledge which had built it. Ham's wife Noema was sister of Tubal-Cain and half sister of Jabal and Jubal. I presume that Japheth's wife was part Neanderthal and knew how to survive as hunter gatherer, as long as Noema's knowhow remained unused due to lack of good materials and sufficient labour force.

"dated firmly and without any question to 11600 years ago"

That is without reckoning with the reduction one can make with a theory of carbon rise, obviously.

"They went to enormous effords" ... to deliberately bury Göbekli Tepe.

Here he is right. And this does fit in with Genesis 11:[8] And so the Lord scattered them from that place into all lands, and they ceased to build the city.

When they covered it, they ceased to build there. And if any faction or factions regained some territorial control over the Eastern part of Anatolia or the NorthWest of Shinar, they had a motive to hide the monument to their disaster. To their momumental failure. One day they were all speaking Hebrew (some few men outside, either on expeditions, like Palaeo-Indians, or shirking, i e the Hebrew tribe), next day they could not speak to each other. Everything broke down. They were ready to scatter on more local business, like the Disciples going off to fish after what they thought was the end. Someone had an interest to hide this. For in Babel, this was the end, there was no resurrection of their one world project.

Now I'll post it in a coment, before hearing more.

Hans Georg Lundahl
St. Bonaventura


* Ancient Extinction Revealed: Atlantis, Göbekli Tepe & Mysteries of the Gods with Graham Hancock

** St Jerome A has GT somewhere between 2751 BC and a little before and 2683 BC, 206 to well before 274 after Flood, St Jerome B between 320 and 533 after Flood - longer than the 40 years that a certain tradition considers the building took, before God interrupted it.

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